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41Point9 – Still Looking for The Answers

Released by: Prog Rock Records

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Progressive Rock/AOR


Line Up:

Bob Madsen

Brian Cline

Kenny Steel

Nick D’Virgilio

Jimmy Keegan

Dave Weckl


01 – The Bullet’s In The Barrell

02 – Living In Hard Times

03 – Building Blocks

04 – The Feather

05 – One In A Bar

06 – Surface Tension (A Drive Thru The City)

07 – Promise The Moon

08 – Still Looking For The Answers

09 – The Torch

If only ENCHANT lead singer TED LEONARD would have sung on this album, then it might have been one of 2011’s finest releases!!! Still, it is a very sensational album, but somehow I do feel that if Ted had sung lead vocals on this first 41POINT9 record we would really have an absolute classic album! Ted is of course one of the finest lead singers around and mostly known for being the ENCHANT singer, but little did I knew that he had a predecessor in that band, because the first singer for ENCHANT was 41POINT9 bassist BRIAN CLINE.

Although Ted is a slightly better singer, this Brian is also a very good singer and reminding actually a lot of Ted, but also a bit sounding like NEAL MORSE. All together he is a very good singer as well and this 41POINT9 could have actually been an ENCHANT record, as it’s just as good as any ENCHANT record! Besides Brian on vocals, other members in this band are NICK D’VIRGILIO (SPOCK’S BEARD), DAVE WECKL, BOB MADSEN (also from ENCHANT) and KENNY STEEL. Combined this is sort of a semi-supergroup that sounds like the perfect mix between ENCHANT and SPOCK’S BEARD, so very much focusing on the vocal melody driven prog of these bands, with very few instrumental based arrangements and more of a real song-based approach. ‘Still looking for the answers’ is a fantastic album with many amazing tracks that will keep you in extase, such as “Living in hard times” and “Promise the moon”.

Any ENCHANT will flip over when hearing this record, although like already mentioned, if TED LEONARD had sung this record the rating would have even been higher, but with a 9.0 as ranking for a debut you don’t have to feel ashamed at all I think

Written by Gabor

Ratings Gabor    9/10

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