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Airrace – Back To The Start

Released by: Frontiers Records

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Melodic Rock/AOR


Line Up:

Keith Murrrell – vocals

Laurie Mansworth – lead guitars

Simon Dawson – drums

Dean Howard – guitars

David Boyce – bass

Toby Sadler – keyboards


01. Keep On Going

02. Two Of A Kind

03. When Baby

04. Call Me Anytime

05. So Long

06. Back To Start

07. Just One Kiss

08. Wrong Way Out

09. One Step Ahead

10. Enough Of Your Lovin’

11. Better Believe It

12. What More Do You Want From Me

It just never seizes to amaze me how bands like Airrace who got one foot in the door and the other foot in la la land after their debut release in 1984 with “Shaft of Light”, keep reappearing back to the scene so many years later. How and why in the heck are bands like these still able to play high quality melodic rock even though they haven’t reunited in aeons? Well good question….A mix of great sound production, guidance and still the fire the burns that makes these guys with a new line up and with support from an die hard community of rockers out there that request more music.

The band as maybe a few of you will recall, not this loyal reviewer I was far too young to remember it then, but the band got to play support slots with Queen, AC/DC, Meat Loaf, Ted Nugent and Krokus hence you would think that with having that foot in the door they would have taken off right? Well apparently the label at the time Atco didn’t do a great job of making sure these guys we’re given proper attention. Whatever the reason the group never delivered a sophomore release until 25 years later and now we have “Back To The Start” an aptly titled confrontation.

Back to the Start is a great return from a band that has remained largely inactive since the release of their debut album way back in 1984. That album was of course the cult AOR classic Shaft of Light, which still fails to get it’s due recognition. Not from me though as it is one of my favorites of the genre and would easily sit proudly amongst my top twenty AOR albums of all time.

All of the original members are back in action for this new album except for the mighty Jason Bonham who is busy with his new band Black Country Communion and the band sounds fully re-energized and totally ready to make another push for mass AOR respect and adoration.

I’d say about of the twelve cuts on offer here that there is only probably one or two that could have been cut. The best of the bunch though would have to be “TWO OF A KIND” with it’s near-perfect Foreigner sound-a-like chorus. Following closely from that would be “CALL ME ANYTIME”, “JUST ONE KISS” and “WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT FROM ME”.

Another terrific melodic record (even though dated) full of hooks and complimentary musicians including the great vocals of Keith Murrell, added to the top list of Melodic releases this year from Frontiers Records. Recommended!!!

Written by Denys

Ratings Denys  8 /10

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