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Anubis Gate – Anubis Gate

Released by: Nightmare Records

Release Date: September 13th, 2011

Genre: Progressive Metal


Line Up:

Kim Olesen – Guitar/Synth

Morten & Jespers – Guitar

Henrik Fevre – Bass Guitar/Vocals

Morten Sørensen – Drums


1. Hold Back Tomorrow

2. The Re-Formation Show

3. Facing Dawn

4. World in a Dome

5. Desiderio Omnibus

6. Oh My Precious Life

7. Golden Days

8. Telltale Eyes

9. River

10. Circumstanced

Anubis Gate is probably one of the more interesting metal progressive acts on the scene for a long time coming now. Stylistically speaking the band mixes a number of styles from some melodic ambiance guitar riffs, to your typical progressive metal subliminal intrinsic sounds.

When I think about Anubis I think about bands like Volbeat, Vanden Plas, Riverside etc… You know unique, creative, progressive, dark and pushing the boundaries of a genre that sometimes get’s a bad rep for not being creative enough, this band has certainly appertained not to the latter as they seem to be pushing the edge on each release.

While the group is certain not new to the scene, the first reminiscent of the band can be linked to the 80’s when bassist Jesper M. Jensen and Henrik Fevre as guitarist and vocalist formed V-AXE. Henrik who has been an intricate player in the songwriting department for the band, now gets to sing on this new record simply titled “Anubis Gate”.

After the group parted ways with their lead singer Jacob Hansen earlier this year, Hansen which by the way was still involved producing this record, I was left wanting to hear how their place and sometimes second vocalist as well as guitarist Henrik Fevre would bring to the table; especially having Fevre being involved with a good amount of the songwriting on previous albums.

The songwriting and the unique trend of sounds create a prolific environment that resonate long after a few first spins. Just listen to the curious rifest in “World In A Dome”, this epic 8 minute track toggles a piercing guitar driven rhythm that dominates the song, plus you add the change of vocal rhythm and it introduces you to Anubis Gate’s complexity sound structure. The straight up power metal elements are not too far gone from this release either, on the speedier up tempo song “Desiderio Omnibus”, which features elements of Evergrey, and Circus Maximus thrown in for good measure; this fantastic track was one of the stronger songs on the whole release I thought.

One of my escapes on this record is the astral keyboard sounds of Kim Olesen which add a layer of futuristic sounds to each track. Listen to the keys on “Oh My Precious Life” and you’ll know what I’m talking about, haunting and dark  but delicate at the same time. Fevres voice comes out glaring on the track “Golden Days” which reminds of Andy Kuntz from Vanden Plas, a unique warm sounding vocal tone.

What can be conclude from now Anubis Gate’s 5th studio album? Well you have a strangely different record for the world to see. Strangely beautiful and mixed with elements of sci-fi, power metal, progressiveness evolution and a deceptive songwriting approach. If you we’re a fan of their last album “The Detached” then you may see the self title as a natural maturation of the previously mentioned, but when it comes to these Danish dudes; they are paving their own road as to what they want to sound like. For fans of the band is a must and for any progressive metal fan who likes to be challenged once in a while then it’s a sure bet. These guys definitely have their own sound and beauty is not always in the eyes of the beholder rather in the mind of it’s creator….Check it out!!!

Written by Denys

Ratings Denys   8/10

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