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Raygun Rebels – Bring Me Home Review

Released By : SAOL Records

Genre : Sleazy Hard Rock

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01. Here We Are
02. Lay Down Baby
03. Financial Distress Blues
04. Goodbye
05. I Want You
06. Let Me Go
07. The Killer
08. Bring Me Home

Sometimes it can be hard to remember that rock ‘n’ roll is meant to be fun, luckily though we have bands like RAYGUN REBELS to remind us…. The band’s debut album BRING ME HOME landed on my desk a few days ago and in that time I think I’ve almost worn out the disc. Okay sure, there’s nothing about this album that is in any way new or refreshing, but the fact is you won’t find many albums released these days that are as fun to listen to as this one. The band’s sound draws influence from the sunset strip sound of the eighties with some early day GUNS ‘N’ ROSES and some MOTLEY CRUE and even a slight, slight hint of POISON, but where things get interesting is the inclusion of some obvious influence from some seventies rockers like AEROSMITH and NEW YORK DOLLS.

Yes, this is catchy party rock without much substance, but this is the kind of band that would be awesome to catch live at an outdoor festival or something like that. Opening track HERE WEARE is a perfect introduction to the band and features an energetic lead break that I wish had of gone on another eight bars or so but is still very enjoyable, LAY DOWN BABY has a bit of that early day GUNS ‘N’ ROSES punk ‘n’ roll feel to it, FINANCIAL DISTRESS BLUES is pure seventies glam rock, GOODBYE is nice enough ballad track that has a definite WITHOUT YOU by MOTLEY CRUE feel to it, I WANT YOU brings the intensity back and features a very fun sleazy rock lyric, LET ME GO mixes garage rock with JOHNNY B GOODE style guitar riffs and is a very enjoyable track. THE KILLER is the only blemish here and I must admit a really don’t like this one, the rhythm guitar in places seems to be out of time with the rest of the music and it doesn’t really work unfortunately. Things get back on track pretty quickly for the final track BRING ME HOME though, which is a seven and a half minute blast of pure no-frills dirty rock ‘n’ roll.

The debut RAYGUN REBELS album BRING ME HOME was definitely a nice little surprise for me and I am happy to recommend it to anybody that still like their rock to be dirty, raw and fun….basically the way rock is meant to be. Also if you’re lucky enough to be within a close proximity of where they are playing be sure to check them out live, I’m sure their live show is a blast.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 8/10

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  1. I have to kindly disagree with the comment about The Killer. I can’t doubt about the tecnical stuff already said but to my taste is one very good song, with that little point of chaos from 70’s rock.


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