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House of Lords – Big Money Review

Released by: Frontiers Records

Release Date: September 23rd, 2011

Genre: Melodic Hard Rock


Line Up:

James Christian – vocals

Jimi Bell – guitars

BJ Zampa – drums

Chris McCarvill – bass


01. Big Money

02. One Man Down

03. First To Cry

04. Searchin’

05. Someday When

06. Livin’ In A Dream World

07. The Next Time I Hold You

08. Run For Your Life

09. Hologram

10. Seven

11. Once Twice

12. Blood

13. Someday When

One thing you could always count on House of Lords, the long time Melodic Hard Rock outfit featuring the raspy soaring vocals of James Christian, is proving a load of enticing melodic hooks and rhythms. That was the case on their last record “Cartesian Dreams” which amongst the Lords camp and fan base was well received and one of their most powerful records to date.

Since 1989 the outfit has been staying active in the scene and has managed to cross the pond and build a solid fan base overseas as well. The band disbanded after having some early 80’s success due to the nature of the music industry and change. After retuning in 2000 and releasing the more progressive hard rock album “Power and the Myth” they followed that album with the more melodic and powerful “World Upside Down” which to me stands as their strongest offer to date.

The vocals of Christian are the staple of the band, without it they would not sound the same. Now on the 8th studio album titled “Big Money” you will find more of the same that made the band so successful in the melodic circles.

James Christian’s voice is always solid an on the more soulful rockers “Someday When” and “Searchin'” you pick up on some of what you expect from a Lords record, full of attractive and constant kicking melody hooks. Another heavy hitter is the up tempo rocker “Livin’ In A Dream World”, which smokes any of the past older catalog material from HOL.

A good example of something I have noticed on the newer sound of HOL, has been the crunchy more aggressive guitars and you feel that heat perfectly on the wails of Jimi Bell on the track “Run For Your Life”, Jimi by the way has been one of the best underrated guitarist around for a long time.

Perhaps a step down in the kick ass department, Big Money doesn’t seem to catch the band’s last album in terms of heaviness, but still provide nice chunky melodies like it was meant to be played, LOUD and with plenty of groove. As usual Christian does a solid job on vocals and Bell shines on the guitar with some tasty chopping licks that flashed all over the place. If you we’re a fan of King Kobra’s recent release, you will a lot to like with House of Lords new album but more up tempo rockers with terrific musicianship and soaring vocals. Check them out just because they deserve it okay? Rocks!!!

Written by Denys

Ratings Denys   8/10

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