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Anthrax – Worship Music Review

Released By : Nuclear Blast Records

Genre : Thrash Metal, Groove Metal

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01. Worship (Intro)
02. Earth On Hell
03. The Devil You Know
04. Fight ‘Em ‘Til You Can’t
05. I’m Alive
06. Hymn 1
07. In The End
08. The Giant
09. Hymn 2
10. Judas Priest
11. Crawl
12. The Constant
13. Revolution Screams

Finally, finally, finally the once almighty ANTHRAX have seemingly put aside all of their problems and issues and have gotten back to doing what they do best……releasing kick-ass music, and you know what?….WORSHIP MUSIC may well just be the best the band has sounded in a long, long while. The debate on whether Joey Belladonna or John Bush are the rightful owners of the front-man position in the band will rage on for all eternity, but for mine, while I think the John Bush era of the band heralded some truly great songs (ROOM FOR ONE MORE anybody?), having Joey Belladonna back properly just simply feels right.

There’s not a whole lot of old-school trash style music here, so fans that stopped listening after PERSISTENCE OF TIME will likely be disappointed, but for those that stuck through for great albums like SOUND OF WHITE NOISE and STOMP 442 you’ll know what to expect. Once again the sound is a more modernized version of groove-thrash metal and yes, there are definitely a handful of songs that would have suited John Bush probably more than they do Belladonna but let’s be honest, this style suits them well these days and they’re damn good at it.

My personal highlight of the album is probably FIGHT ‘EM ‘TIL YOU CAN’T, which is basically a fusion of their old sound and their modern sound and hey…..It’s about zombies too!! Other awesome tracks include JUDAS PRIEST EARTH ON HELL and the six minute epic IN THE END which was created as a tribute to both Ronnie James Dio and ‘Dimebag’ Darrel Abbot, very fitting don’t you think.

Hopefully this latest incarnation of the band can keep it together for longer than last lime Joey Belladonna came back because they really sound like they are in fine form on WORSHIP MUSIC. It’s the best album ANTHRAX have released since SOUND OF WHITE NOISE and definitely Belladonna’s most complete vocal effort since AMONG THE LIVING.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 8/10

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