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Jon Stevens – Changing Times Review

Released By : Universal Music

Genre : Modern Melodic Rock

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1. One Mistake

2. Acid Tongue

3. Living The Life

4. Maybe Baby

5. Just A Man

6. These Are The Days

7. Stare

8. Kamikaze Pilot

9. No Surrender

10. Closer To God

11. Changing Times

Here in Australia Jon Stevens is looked upon as one of our national treasures (even though he was initially ‘imported’ from New Zealand and while he’s always been around doing something It’s been a fair while since he has released a fully-fledged rock album. That’s all set to change with his new release CHANGING TIMES which sees Stevens back in the rock game with a fantastic backing band and major label support.

The style of the album itself is a little bit different for Stevens, there’s definitely a couple of tracks here that will instantly gratify NOISEWORKS fans and a bit more of the LENNY KRAVITZ-esque funk rock that was the cornerstone of his post-NOISEWORKS albums. But there’s also a bit of a modern radio rock influence here that at times reminds me a bit of a band like say, KINGS OF LEON. What is clear across the entire album though is Jon Stevens has a totally amazing voice and can still write awesome tunes, It’s a great welcome back from someone that would be very hard to dislike.

I did have my reservations in the very beginning as opening track ONE MISTAKE starts off with the more mellow acoustic sound of his last couple of solo albums, but oh man, when the chorus kicks in it’s clear that Jon is back in business. Second track ACID TONGUE takes a more modern approach and has a bit of a FOO FIGHTERS/KINGS OF LEON vibe going on. LIVING THE LIFE is a bit of a funk-soul track that reminds me of a great Aussie band that has been lost in time THE TRUTH, also a truly fantastic Jon vocal. MAYBE BABY is a more straightforward classic Aussie rock tune that will easily please NOISEWORKS fans everywhere. JUST A MAN is once again a little more modern but still has a classic AOR sounding chorus to it. THESE ARE THE DAYS is a funky rock tune and while not one my personal favorites is still pretty good. STARE is another modern radio rock influenced tune that should finds its way onto radio stations for sure. KAMIKAZE PILOT brings the funk and really rocks out. NO SURRENDER is another one of the more classic Jon Stevens  tunes on the album but also has a little bit of DIESEL sound in the verses. CLOSER TO GOD is probably my least favourite track on the album but I’m sure some will enjoy it. Closing track CHANGING TIMES is a short little acoustic number that probably would have sit better on one of Jon previous couple of albums but is still a welcome end to a great album.

CHANGING TIMES successfully moulds the musical stylings of each different era of Jon Stevens’ career and also manages to add a layer of modern flair on top without it becoming too obtrusive. This sort of thing could have been a disaster in the hands of a lesser vocalist, but from the account Jon Stevens is not done with yet and all I can say is that I’m definitely excited about seeing some of these tunes live next time I go and see him…Fantastic latter day effort from one of Australia’s iconic musicians.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 9/10

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