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Thunderdikk – Magnum Love Review

Released By : Self Released

Genre : Sleazy Hard Rock

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1. Magnum Love
2. I Am The Thunderfukker
3. The Dikk Abides (If The Ladies Provide)
4. Bad Hands
5. Bra Off Party On
6. Love Fight
7. Sister Dolores
8. Nightfire
9. Route 69
10. Hot Zombie Fuck
11. Ride My Lightning
12. Ocho (The Eighth Wonder of The World)
13. My Name Is Dikk

With a name like THUNDERDIKK you would think it would be pretty safe to assume that this band is anything but serious. And while for the most part this is oh so true, they aren’t kidding around when they say they want to break-out big-time… And from what I’ve heard so far and from what other people are saying about them, breaking out just may well be on the cards.

Simply put, you will not find a more fun to listen to rock album anywhere else this year, well or many other years either really. Those of you who demand interesting thoughtful lyrics and highly crafted musicianship can pretty much stop reading right now as there’s nothing here for you, but for those of us that can enjoy the simpler things in life like dick jokes, crude humour and catchy simplistic hard rock can find plenty to get excited about on MAGNUM LOVE. The base of the band’s style is somewhat similar to the sleazy, whiskey-soaked, sunset strip sound of the mid-eighties but I also hear a bit of nineties stoner rock feel too, an interesting combination that somehow manages to fire more often than it misses.

Helping the band stand out from the pack of other semi-joke based groups is the awesome lead vocalist, who funnily enough calls himself Dikk Thunder, I mean this guy has some seriously strong pipes and lets out some pretty mean wails along with a great lower register gravelly approach in certain songs too. I also want to make special mention of lead guitarist Sleaze Paladino who has obviously drawn a lot of influence from the great guitarist of the sleaze rock era, his high-class lead work really stands out on this disc and there’s more than a couple of time where I was reminded of none other than SLASH, for an example check out his awesome work on the track SISTER DOLORES, an interesting tune that tells a tale about a young Dikk becoming a man in a forest with a wayward sex-starved nun (Yes you read that last part correctly!).

Filthy songs like I AM THE THUNDERFUKKER, THE DIKK ABIDES (IF THE LADIES PROVIDE) and HOT ZOMBIE FUCK will have you singing along in no time and tunes like ROUTE 69 and RIDE MY LIGHTNING are just begging to be heard screaming out of the car speakers as you cruise down the road, just be careful of all the old people who will probably faint if they hear some of these lyrics!

THUNDERDIKK are certainly not for everybody, but if you are a fan of the more fun-based side of sleazy rock n roll music you owe it to yourself to check out MAGUM LOVE right away, hopefully you will be as pleasantly surprised as I was. For an added laugh be sure to go to band’s website and check out a section called THUNDERFACTS, not too dissimilar from the Chuck Norris facts fad that swarmed the internet a few years back but these ones are all originals. Here’s a couple of examples for ya… IF VIDEO KILLED THE RADIO STAR, THEN THUNDERDIKK KILLED EVERYTHING,


Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 8/10

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