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Summers – 364 Review

Released by: Independent

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Hard Rock


Line Up:

Crash Summers – Lead vocals

Ricky Summers – Bass & vocals

Jason Sepala – Guitars & vocals

Sam Hickling – Guitars & vocals

Andy Pope – Drums & vocals


1. Shot In The Dark

2. Superhero

3. Girls

4. Too Late

5. Sometimes

6. Steal Away

7. Let’s Make Love

8. Billy

9. Let’s Go Round

10. Told You So

11. Terminator

12. Rockmachine

So Summers debut record comes across the pond to my desk and right out of the box I can see what I’m going to be listening to here. The bands image gives it away, you know the the sleazy bravado, with your dose of wild hair and enough looks that will attract to any teenage girl into rock. I couldn’t tell you what else came running through my head, but image isn’t the only thing so I have the album a shot and like some other bands in Europe that are capitalizing on the Sleaze/Glam scene, some who are heavier and more polished musician then Summers, I gave them a shot no less.

The band’s name comes from the two brothers Crash and Ricky Summers, and they officially formed back in 2007. I don’t know how the connection of  Clyde Ward came into the fold to draw interest in producing the band, but in this case it was a good one. By the way Ward has worked with artists such as Eric Clapton, Lenny Kravitz, George Michael and Sting, so no doubt the experience from this man has given the band a more keen approach on the commercially mainstream songwriting as is quite evident on this record.

Let’s get one thing straight here, these guys are not shying away from their influences or they’re style, is glam with a mix of Hard Rock and sleaze but driven more towards a mainstream audience, with pop melodies in they’re vocal lines. I don’t have a problem with this if the music is catchy and it appeals to an audience, then you will no doubt connect on a different level.

You can sense these influences from the vocals of lead singer Crash Summers on tracks like the bands infectious single “Too Late”, with a nice melancholy bass line to hold the tune together. If you we’re chasing stardom on the public radio forefront, I don’t see why this tune wouldn’t catch on, and is evident that the band is gathering more attention in place like Canada and here in the USA as well now. The more rocker structured tune “Sometimes” is another standout song, with a message that deals with some noticeable social/political issues. Another Leppard inspired track comes via the big hooks in “Let’s Go Round” which a nice rhythm bass to mend the track on it’s way.

If you’re a radio playing dj you be impress to find a good amount of catchy material here. Let’s now beat around the bush though,  Summers has been obviously taught well under the tutu ledge of some influential people in the scene that will probably get them a nice fan base. The music is rock mainstream and there is not denying that, is more slower hard rock with your typical homage groove of the 80’s ala Bon Jovi. But just because the music is simple on the ears, is not a reason for me to knock the album down, the guys are solid musicians, and both the guitars are very well done as well as the songwriting. I have no doubt that these guys will hit the mainstream and garner some attention, sure connections help but you still have to go out and perform the music at a high level. They manage to do that on this record.

Written by Denys

Ratings Denys   7/10

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