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In Confesso – The Sleeper Review

Released By : Pine Recordings

Genre : Modern Alt. Metal

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1. Sound The Surrender
2. You X The Line
3. Empty Pockets
4. Gunpoint
5. Lay It On Me
6. The Sleeper
7. Predictions Lost
8. Two Faced
9. Left Alone
10. Easy Going
11. I’m Leaving

When you think of metal bands coming out of Norway, obviously death metal and black metal would be the first sub-genres that come to mind. How refreshing then to listen to a Norwegian metal band that approaches things from a bit of a different angle. IN CONFESSO still do have some death metal vibes throughout their music, but this new album THE SLEEPER is much more of a modern alternative metal style with maybe even a slight hint of Nu-Metal if you listen hard enough.

Before you go running the other way though, don’t fret…. The Nu-Metal element makes up maybe ten or less per cent of the sound. The better description is modern alternative metal and the closest band I can compare them to would probably be either SEVENDUST or INCUBUS, but back when they themselves had a little more spine than these days. For a largely unknown band on the other side of the world I must say that I was pleasantly surprised at just how high the level of quality is overall. The musicianship and vocals are world class surely, the songwriting is edgy enough to rock out to, while still certainly having strong commercial appeal, the lyrics are though-provoking and plenty interesting, the physical product is as well-made as anything else you’d see in the record store and the production is absolutely fantastic. Meaty, chunky walls of sound that still know when to make way for more intricate sections is the key here.

Alt. Metal may be a bit of dirty word among a lot of music listeners these days, but bands like IN CONFESSO are here to show us that the genre can produce something special every now and then, THE SLEEPER deserves a larger audience and while there may not be anything on here that we haven’t heard before, everything on the album is done so well that it doesn’t really matter. Do yourself a favour and check this one out today.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 8/10

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