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Breaching Vista – Vera City Review

Released By : Bright Side Records

Genre : Modern Rock

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1. We are the Way
2. Sleep
3. Nervous
4. Forgive You
5. Give me a Reason
6. Tonight
7. Reverie
8. Run with the Punches
9. W5
10. Wrath of Nyre
11. Goodbye, So Long
12. Letters
13. Little Thoughts

It’s funny you can listen to certain bands for the first time and wonder why you haven’t heard of them before. Sometimes it can be because you instantly fall in love with a certain band and can’t possibly believe you had missed them up until that point, but then there’s the other version, when you hear a band that are clearly so radio ready and chart compatible that it seems ridiculous not to have known about them. Well, that’s how I started to feel around half way through this debut album from Ontario modern rock group BREACHING VISTA.

I must admit that it’s a little bit ‘nicer’ and lighter feeling than a lot of the modern rock groups going around these days, but in a world where DEFAULT, TAKING BACK SUNDAY, SWITCHFOOT and DASHBOARD CONFESSIONAL can constantly attack the charts, surely there’s room for BREACHING VISTA. Yes, I think they are almost good enough to be spoken about in the same sentences as any other modern radio rock band, and the fact they take a slight bit of the hardness out gives them something that should help them stand out from the pack.

I counted at least four tracks SLEEP, GIVE ME A REASON, REVERIE and GOODBYE, SO LONG that could easily sit on FM radio and realistically there’s probably another couple too. The overall running vibe of the album is catchiness, something BREACHING VISTA have proven to have plenty of, and though there’s nothing much here that could be classed as adventurous, what they do, they do very, very well.

Fans of MATCHBOX TWENTY, TRAIN, DASHBOARD CONFESSIONAL and maybe even DEEP BLUE SOMETHING should certainly check out VERA CITY. Sure, it may be a little too nice-ish for some people, but if you like innocent catchy radio rock then look no further; this album will do you just fine.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 8/10

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