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Leather Boys – Real Leather Review

Released By : Self Released

Genre : Sleazy Hard Rock

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01 Real Leather (Intro) 0:34
02 Leather Boys Shout Rock 2:46
03 Long Road 4:27
04 Halo of Hell 4:52
05 Online Teacher 4:56
06 Rock and Roll Blow Job 3:59
07 Searching for a Bad Girl 4:18
08 Tunning Girl 3:16
09 Thirsty of Blood 4:35
10 Sweet Easy Girl 3:52
11 The Valley of Broken Dicks 3:03

LEATHER BOYS’ biggest claim to fame up until this point is the fact that they were selected to represent Spain on the 2008 series of the famous EUROVISION song contest, where they strutted their stuff with the dirty party rock tune WE’RE LIVIN’ IN A BAR. The band didn’t win that year but the show certainly opened up some doors for them and they have since been ripping up their homeland and have finally decided to take the next step by releasing their first full-length album.

Dirty sleaze rock is the flavour of the day here and there is influence from bands like MOTLEY CRUE and GUNS N ROSES as well as a slight hint of the sleazier side of KISS. For the most part it’s a pretty enjoyable disc and perfect for playing loud at a party (as long as there’s plenty of booze and horny chicks around the place that is), but it doesn’t really make the grade to listen to very often on it’s own. LEATHER BOYS have done an honourable job with REAL LEATHER that’s for sure, but the album can get a bit too samey in places and the strong accent is a little hard to look past.

I give the band credit for sticking to what they like doing, and you can’t argue with song titles like ROCK AND ROLL BLOW JOB and THE VALLEY OF BROKEN DICKS, but take this album for what it is…. A fun, innocent dirty party rock album custom made for late night drinking sessions, not much more.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 6/10

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