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Love Crushed Velvet – Love Crushed Velvet Review

Released By : Self Released

Genre : Modern Rock, New-Wave/Post Punk

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1. Letter
2. Goodbye Goldblatt
3. Love Crushed Velvet
4. Famous
5. Problem Child
6. Burning Embers
7. Puttin’ On A Weapon
8. Willie B
9. Bright Summer
10. Heatwave

LOVE CRUSHED VELVET is a newly founded band based around the talents of singer/songwriter A.L.X, who according to the information I had available has been around the traps for years. His latest venture is certainly as interesting one and is actually quite hard to describe. There’s certainly a modern Pop-Rock sensibility about the band’s self-titled debut, but it is met with a strong New Wave/Post-Punk influence and the combination of these two eras had led to as sound that feels as much like THE CLASH, BILLY IDOL and U2 as it does bands like THE KILLERS, FRANZ FERDINAND and maybe even a little bit of KAISER CHEFS too.

To add some validity to the band, founder A.L.X decided to surround himself with some pretty important people from the New-Wave movement and was lucky enough to recruit Jimi Bones, who played guitar in BLONDIE and was a part of the JOAN JETT backing band and he is also joined by former BILLY IDOL band drummer Thommy Price. To keep things sounding as A.L.X forst envisioned he also brought on board master producer David Bascome, who has worked with DEPECHE MODE, THE VERVE, TEARS FOR FEARS and many more in the past. Funnily enough though the overall production was the part of this release I seemed to like the least. The mix-down is great and no instruments feel they are trying to break out from behind others, but the actual final product has a bit too much of a raw feeling to it. Maybe this was a conscious decision to give the album a bit of edge, but I like a little more bottom end in my music and this feels a little too overly treble based or me.

I do however really dig the music and have to concede that I think the band are onto something here, whether it’s the KILLERS-esque GOODBYE GOLDBLATT, the U2 flavored FAMOUS or the clearly BILLY IDOL inspired title track LOVE CRUSHED VELVET there really is plenty here to excite. I do feel though that there a few weaker tracks on the album and a couple that feel a little out of place compared to the rest.

LOVE CRUSHED VELVET is a very tasty appetizer, and while I feel the band will benefit from a little more time playing and writing together I feel that they are already on their way to something special. I would prefer their next release to have a bit more low-end in the final mix, but that’s probably me just nit-picking. I am very happy to recommend this album to anybody that pines for the days of yore when New-Wave/Post-Punk music was dominating the air-waves.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 8/10

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