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Doogie White – As Yet Untitled Review

Released by: Metalmind Productions

Release Date: 24.10.2011 Europe / 08.11.2011 USA

Genre: Hard Rock


Line Up:

Doogie White (Vocals) (Deep Purple, Cornerstrone, Yngwie Malmsteen), Patrick Johansson (Yngwie), Thomas Broman (Glenn Hughes) – Drums,Derek Sherinian (Black Country Communion), Tony Carey (Rainbow) – Bass,Neil Murray (Whitesnake), Greg Smith (Ted Nugent), Paul Logue (Edens Curse) – Keyboards,

Pontus Norgren (Hammerfall), Marcus Jidell (Royal Hunt), Phil Hilborne ( Queen Musical), Mick Tucker (Tank) – Guitars, Patti Russo (Meatloaf, Cher) – Guest vocals.


1. Come Taste the Band

2. Time Machine

3. Dreams Lie Down and Die

4. Lonely

5. Land of the Deceiver

6. Secret Jesus

7. Sea of Emotion

8. Catz got yer Tongue

9. Living on the Cheap

10. Times like These

The Scottish Hard Rock/Metal singer Doogie White has boasted an impressive career which brought him to fame when he was asked by Ritchie Blackmore to join Rainbow for one recording on “Stranger in Us All.” Doogie would go on to sing with Swedish neo-classical guitarist Yngwie Malmsteen for over a six and a half year period, record two albums and tour the world. He also recorded four albums and toured with Cornerstone and is currently the lead singer of Tank.

Now after all this time you would think is never too late to release your first official solo album, apparently Doogie had a little time on his hand and he decide to reach out to some of his friends in the scene and this album was the creation what the vocalist does best.

The production was handled by Pontus Norgreen from Hammerfall who has a pretty cool niche with White and as far as crisp sounding, you know what to expect here. If you remember earlier this year White and the UK heavy metal band Tank released a very good record and he has since then taken over the lead vocals for that band as well, and there is news of another album in the works for the future.

Being dormant is not a thing that White has seen much of during the last decade as he has always manage to stay busy in a multitude of projects, but never a solo album…..until now. The sound here can best be described as your trademark White vocals style over a heavier Hard Rock sound with your metal laden riffs more in resemblance to Doogie’s material in Cornerstone.

Some of the highlights tops out with the streaming groove of  “Dreams Lie Down and Die”, and the more modern metal hooks of “Lonely’. The material was written by both White and Paul Logue from the band Eden’s Curse and you can sense that straight up classic metal sound in its core by the result of this collaboration. White has attained comparisons to AC/DC to the late AC/DC vocalist Bon Scott, which is nothing to be shy about because that boogie Rock comes on usually on some songs when he sings regardless of style on this record you can listen to what I mean on the song “Catz Got Yer Tongue”.

Is evident that the teamwork between so many people that are known in the scene cold of only added to the musicianship in this album, and as of this the end result shows brilliantly, especially in the guitar parts which are played greatly by all involved. It feels like an album made with friends trying to have a good time, as most songs set that kind of mood. At this point in his career I don’t see why White had to wait this long to release a solo album, but is a solid notion none the less. A rock steady release with the trademark formula that Doogie uses so well with his gritty vocals, and alongside a cast of friends deliver a worthwhile listen.

Written by Denys

Ratings Denys   8/10

Track “Time Machine” promotes the album and is now available to stream on THIS site.

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