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Riot – Immortal Soul Review

Released by: Spv/Steamhammer

Release Date: October 31st, 2011

Genre: Heavy Metal


Line Up:

Mark Reale – guitars

Tony Moore – vocals

Bobby Jarzombek – drums

Don Van Stavern – bass

Mike Flyntz – guitars


01. Riot

02. Still Your Man

03. Crawling

04. Wings Are For Angels

05. Fall Before Me

06. Sins Of The Father

07. Majestica

08. Immortal Soul

09. Insanity

10. Whiskey Man

11. Believe

12. Echoes

Here you have one of the rare gems of the Heavy Metal scene who build a reputation for nothing short of incredible consistency through the years. The New York based metal legends Riot has had an amazing career now toppling their 15th studio album with 2 live albums to add to their repertoire. The 80’s we’re good to Riot with ear crunching masterpieces like “Fire Down Under” and “Thundersteel” expanding their audience worldwide and establishing the group as a kick ass metal band all over the world.

The band has seen it’s share of changes through the years but the backbone of the band has remained consistent with guitar player Mark Reale. The real treat here is that Tony Moore is back with the band and performing as the lead vocalist here on “Immortal Soul”, while nothing against the solid efforts of Mike Dimeo on the last Riot effort “Army of One”, there just is something extra that I get when I listen to Moore as he was on the helm when they released the great album “Thundersteel” through the years I have associated Tony with the band and his vocals are instantly recognizable. And we can’t forget about the amazing Bobby “The Wire” Jarzombek who alongside his other projects and performances with Halford or Sebastian Bach, he fits into Riot’s scope of heaviness perfectly.

As we get into this trashing bursting album we run into an epic vibe right off the git go with tempo neck breakers of the self title tune “Riot” which has anthem written all over it, and the soaring Tony Moore over taking another ear crushing song in “Wings Are For Angels”. The speed demon spitfire vocals of Moore take over the more power ballad cruncher of “Fall Before Me” a slightly slower number that marches with triumph.

Ohh and want more Moore and his incredible vocals? Listen to the ending lines of “Sins of the Father” and hear Tony wail, damn the man still got it. The guitar work is top bar and delivers on all levels without compromising any of the heaviness, on the title track you’ll hear Reale shred but with melody enough vibe to provide the listener with another superb piece of work.

It had been nearly a quarter of a century since the band last reunited in NYC to create “Thundersteel” and “The Privilege of Power”, and now with Moore back on vocals you hear that same chemistry where those albums left off, something not easily attainable after some many years and the very different music scene. In all the projects that Jarzombek has been involved in in the music business, he said that this was the first album he was creatively involved in the writing from the very beginning, and that right there shows in the band’s playing on “Immortal Soul”. The real deal here is the band managing to master a comeback after the proverbial line up changes bug and the constant evolving music industry; to still have something to offer at this level is quite a feat. A must release to check out for all Hard Rock and Metal fans. Johnny’s Back!!!!

Written by Denys

Ratings Denys   9/10

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