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The Fairchilds – Our Revolution Review

Released by: Vertusent Records

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Modern Rock/Alternative


Line Up:

Cyril Niccolai

Produced by Jim Lowe

Erik Sitbon

Olivier Marly

Philippe Entressangle

Hugo Cechosz

Christophe Dubois

Sebastien Herbez


1. I Need You

2. Our Revolution

3. Unbreakable

4. Who I Am

5. Story Of My Life

6. High

7. Body Of Lies

8. Life Is Beautiful

9. Misery Likes Company

10. My Name

11. Song 12

12. Turn Back Time

The Fairchilds are a Modern Rock band spearheaded by French singer/songwriter Cyril Niccolai who has spent years at the forefront of this interesting band. This is a first for me as I don’t normally review too much modern rock bands, but I was a little surprised by the catchy melodies in the music of The Fairchilds.

Is not easy now a days for bands to breakthrough commercially especially in the USA, and that is despite genres or big budgets. You will often find many hit and misses along the way which in terms leads to so many bands that get under-looked and have to struggle to get their music out there. But once in a while it does help that an artist has the right vision of what can stick in the mainstream when it comes to Rock music.

In this case Cyril has the right approach as the main songwriter and singer for the band, you see with the simple musical structure and the alluring ballads that the man has a clue as to what will get radio play and stick with the average listener. There’s enough rock in this album without compromising the overall sound.

Songs like the bands first single “Unbreakable” and the residual piano lead ballad “High” are perfect songs that should catch plenty of radio play here in this country and beyond. The more quick starter up tempo groove of “Body of Lies” churns more upbeat and possibly being the heavier tune on the record. The bulk of the material falls somewhere in between pop/rock alongside with the touching ballads it all really balances itself pretty well and gives the listener plenty of songs to sing along to.

Is no surprise that some of the songs have been built to attract a broad base of fan-base and media, and with that in mind you also have help from producer Jim Lowe who has worked with such acts as Stereophonics, Herbie Hancock and Foo Fighters. The overall production is sharp as a razor and Cyril’s voice is adequate for each song. The musicianship for a band like this is respectable but nothing mind blowing, the group just lends it’s music in part with the lyrics which go well with the subject matter involved. Where the band really shines is in the ballads which are just done very well, and it really acclimates Cyril’s voice into some powerful haunting melodies, especially on the slower tunes. The overall writing is very good and there’s is plenty of catchy material for any rock fan to sing along to. Recommended as you will be surprise as I was; I’m  betting on this.

Written by Denys

Ratings Denys   8/10

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