Exclusive Interview with Doogie White (Rainbow ,Yngwie Malmsteen, Cornerstone,Tank, Doogie White) (Vocals)

Doogie: Great leaders and doctors and heroes leave legacies. Rock n Rollers leave broken hearts. Ronnie Dio left a legacy but he was a great man with compassion and...

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Interviewed by Denys (Site Founder/Senior Staff Writer) Myglobalmind Webzine

Myglobalmind: Hey Doogie thanks for taking the time and welcome to Myglobalmind Webzine!!!

Doogie: Always a pleasure to have a mid week rant.

Myglobalmind: So what took you so long to release a solo album and how long was it in the works until it was completed? I know you have been incredibly busy with many other projects over the years.

Doogie: I think you just answered your question in the question. I have been very busy. But when I parted ways with Yngwie I had a bit of time on my hands so I started looking through the catalog of songs I had built up over the years and gave them a listen. I called my old mate Craig Goldy who was on a hiatus as Ronnie had gone off with Heaven and Hell and we wrote 8 songs together. So I was over subscribed in the song dept.

Myglobalmind: We’re all the songs on “As Yet Untitled” strictly recorded for this album, or we’re some of the songs recorded over a span of number of years?

Photo By: Marta Tluszcz

Doogie: As I mentioned I chose 15 songs from the ones I had gathered over the years to record. The Goldy ones were recorded but never made the album, they may be for another day. So out of 15 others recorded I chose the 10 that I thought worked best for the album.

Myglobalmind: The new record features a number of guest musicians such as Pontus Norgreen (Hammerfall) and Paul Logue (Eden’s Curse), amongst many others talented musicians. Did you already have in mind who you wanted to work beforehand?

Doogie: They are all my mates and I have either traveled or recorded with them. So I made a few calls and they all said that they would be very happy to join me in this adventure. Paul of course wrote 4 songs with me that appear on the album.

Myglobalmind: Pontus handled the production on the album, explain the process of multiple musicians sending work from both Europe and USA, and then the producer puts it all together. It seems like so many bands are doing this now a days, seems like a very flexible process to me.

Doogie: Its one of the wonders of the web. It means that you can work with great musicians from all over the world without having to hire a castle and a mobile recording studio and all that that entails. Lets face it, the budgets from record companies, for many different reasons, just wont cover the expense of such a venture . So everyone recorded where they were and sent the performances over to Pontus who put it all together. And rather splendidly I must say.

Photo By: Marta Tluszcz

Myglobalmind: How did you and Pontus hook up to collaborate on this solo record? Have you worked with him or his band before?

Doogie: Pontus and I have been great friends for many years since we hooked up on an Yngwie tour. I had heard his work and knew he was the guy for the job.

Myglobalmind: Obviously anyone who is familiar with your great voice can already expect a certain type of groove and hard rock hooks on your new solo album, describe the songs on “As Yet Untitled” for the new audiences if you can.

Doogie: I wanted to give the listener a little view into my world. So from the opening song to the closer it’s a journey with little nods to music that has been close to my heart since I was 15. I tried to vary the styles to keep it interesting and also because then I could experiment with my vocals. It has all the highs and dynamics that you would expect but with a twist. I like that. It is a hard rocking classic album.

Myglobalmind: Give me your best sales pitch as to why readers should go out and buy your new record?

Doogie: I’ve just made you an offer you cant refuse.

Myglobalmind: Let’s get into your history in the business as you have been privileged to been rocking out for over 20 years and perform on a number of projects and bands. I guess some people may now know this but you actually auditioned for Iron Maiden when Bruce Dickinson left the band, Blaze Bailey was chosen but how was that experience like?

Doogie: It was a long time ago. It was fun. I think the band might do quite well.

Myglobamind:While the Maiden gig did not happen, you send some demos to Ritchie Blackmore around that time and he actually got in touch with you and asked you to come in and record some songs, which later turn out to be the songs for “Strangers In Us All” from Rainbow. How was that experience like?

Doogie: It was a fantastic 3 or so years. We did a great album, played some outrageous shows. I got to sing some of the best songs ever and to sing with, in my opinion, the finest guitarist of his generation. It feels like unfinished business though, we had more to offer but Ritchie disagreed.

Photo By: Marta Tluszcz

Myglobalmind: What was it like working with the Ritchie Blackmore “The Man in Black”, is he as strange and mysterious fellow as the image he has portrayed himself to be through the years?

Doogie: Yes and No.

Myglobalmind: I have always felt that your time in Cornerstone was great and the band sounded really tight together, which also featured Steen Mogensen from Royal Hunt . Is there a chance Cornerstone makes another album some time soon? I know that Steen asked you to work on the Cornerstone material after you tried out for Royal Hunt to replace D.C Cooper right?

Doogie: Correct. In fact all the Royal Hunt guys asked me to sing on their solo albums. Steen got in first and that kicked of a run of magnificent albums and tours. But life gets in the way and situations change. We have talked about the next record but we are all busy and it would be wrong to just throw songs together and short change the audience. So there will be an album, we just don’t know when.

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Myglobalmind: As some fans know you recently joined Tank the NWOBHM band from the UK as their lead vocalist and released a killer metal album “War Machine” to some solid reviews . What’s next for Doogie White? And also recently it’s been said that Tank is writing the follow up to “War Machine”with you on vocals again?

Doogie: Well TANK have been invading a number of territories playing shows to rave reviews and mental metalheads. It has been very rewarding. The album as you say is killer. So between gigs with DEMONS EYE, doing press and promo for the solo album I am writing with Mick and Cliff for the next TANK album.

I also wrote and performed with Michael Schenker for his Temple or Rock album. It would be cool to do more with him when he is ready.

Myglobalmind: In your music career what has been your most memorable experience?

Doogie: Its all a journey. Some longer than others. I cant hang my hat on any one experience as there is something to be had from all situations. I did enjoy working with Jon Lord recently. They have all added to the voyage and from La Paz to Tank and all in between I am indebted to them all.

Myglobalmind: The genres of classic rock and metal have been making a comeback with so many older bands reuniting and coming back and making music. What’s your stance on Rock today as opposed to the 80’s for instance.

Doogie: Legs astride. Mic in left hand. Stand in right, head back and screaming my balls off. It’s the classic rock stance.

Myglobalmind: With the ever changing musical landscape today, how is an artist suppose to make a living with the big issue of illegal downloading so predominant this day in age?

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Doogie: I would not want to be starting out now. But I would do, but things will never be the same as they were. I am sure some clever clogs will come up with a new model that will get bands at least a share of the income they develop. The days of rock bands making personal millions are gone. Looks like I will never get the Aston Martin.

Myglobalmind: Do you see a resolution to this problem in the foreseeable future?

Doogie: I don’t know. If I knew I would be worth loads of millions. I pack it up and sell it on ebay. But then people would steal it and copy it and down load it and say I had made enough money. But I would time lock it so that it would stop after a while and people would have to buy the special key to unlock it again.

Myglobalmind: If I was to say “Rock Will Never Die”, what you would you say to that?

Doogie: I am sure that’s a Hammerfall song.

Myglobalmind: What’s the craziest thing you have ever done live on stage?

Photo by: Doogiewhite.com

Doogie: Drunk tea with honey and lemon. I nearly threw up. So I grabbed a beer instead. CRAZZEE!!

Myglobalmind: When you retire from the scene, what do you want your legacy to be?

Doogie: Its only rock n roll my friend. Great leaders and doctors and heroes leave legacies. Rock n Rollers leave broken hearts. Ronnie Dio left a legacy but he was a great man with compassion and a thoughtful mind and touched many with his music. I don’t expect to leave even 1oz of what was left behind when Ronnie died.

Myglobalmind: Any other projects you have going on right now?

Doogie: Can’t say. There are always things bubbling under the surface. Some burst forth and come alive, others swim in endless circles until the time is right.

Myglobalmind: How long do you have plan on to continue to rock out Doogie?

Doogie: Until the phone stops ringing. Until the shows stop selling. Until the well is dry and there is nothing left to sing about.

Myglobalmind: Any chance of hitting the road to support your new solo record?

Doogie: There are discussions taking place to play live next year. I will see who is around and who wants to come out and play. The set will be based on all aspects of my career so far including a healthy portion of AS YET UNTITLED.

Myglobalmind: The famous last words are yours Doogie. Thanks for taking the time again and Rock On!!!

Doogie: For many years I have been “LIVING ON THE CHEAP IN STYLE”. Thank you for indulging me.

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