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Five Finger Death Punch – American Capitalist Review

Released By : Roadrunner Records

Genre : Groove Metal, Modern Alt. Metal

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01. American Capitalist
02. Under And Over It
03. The Pride
04. Coming Down
05. Menace
06. Generation Dead
07. Back For More
08. Remember Everything
09. Wicked Ways
10. If I Fall
11. 100 Ways To Hate

Ya know, it took me a while to get into this band I must say. At first I have to admit that I had them pegged as a poor man’s DISTURBED and nothing more. Then for some reason I saw a clip of the band’s cover version of BAD COMPANY, by erm.. BAD COMPANY and I enjoyed it so much I was compelled to delve into them a little further. The upcoming release of AMERICAN CAPITALIST really came at a good time as my interest in the band is currently pretty high.

Now, after spending some time with the band’s new album I must say that I am now a convert and am happy to call myself a FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH fan. Okay, so the band doesn’t do a whole lot more than any other groove-based modern metal act, and sure it’s totally uncool to like this sort of stuff, but [email protected]*k it…..I LIKE IT!

What I enjoyed the most about this album was the lyrical work of Ivan Moody who really seems to have grown a lot in a very short time. Seriously, the lyrics on this disc are some of the most well thought out lyrics I’ve heard on a modern metal album for a long time and are easily on par with the work of David Draiman. The melody in the vocals and the instrumentation are both as strong as ever this time around, but there are also a couple of tracks on offer here where the band just goes full-throttle. This small handful of slightly heavier tracks add a great dynamic to the album and also help them to stand out by going where a lot of bands in the genre just don’t visit anymore.

Highlights include lead-off single UNDER AND OVER IT, which is a lyrical highlight and also brings to the table a slight SEVENDUST sound in the chorus. The multi-layered vocals in the verses of GENERATION DEAD give the song a unique feel. REMEMBER EVERYTHING is a deep, deep song that must have been very difficult for Moody to write and he deserves much props for penning it. And then there’s my personal highlight tune, the TOOL influenced COMING DOWN.

FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH sound more complete and contempt than ever before and AMERICAN CAPITALIST really has that feel and sound of band hitting their straps and everything coming together. People will inevitably skip this one due to its roots in modern alternative metal, but those who give it a fair go a in for a real treat.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 8/10

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  1. Only adding my opinion on the review and band, not trolling; however, the lyrics in this album were horrible and sounds like a mad drunk frat-boy. Ok, maybe that did sound like a little bit of trolling.


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