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Iberia – Revolution Review

Released By : Espacial Musica

Genre : Melodic Hard Rock

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1. Code Red
2. Revolution
3. All Night Flying
4. Angel
5. Stooge
6. She Devil
7. Turning Back
8. Dizzy
9. Hot In Love
10. Ride
11. Tired (Leave Me Alone)
12. N.I.T.R.O
13. Tommy’s Frequency
14. Hollywood

IBERIA are a Portuguese band that have tasted success once in the past and have returned to the scene in the hope for a little bit more. For those that haven’t heard of these guys, they had a major chart hit on the homeland back in 1988 with a song called HOLLYWOOD, which looking back was a great representation of what was happening musically at the time. Subsequently the band released two albums, the first being based around a mixture of the spandex-clad sleazy hard rock of the era and some seventies style glam rock, and then in 1990, a second album HEROES OF THE WASTELAND which saw the group head more in NWOBHM direction. As happens to a lot of bands, a few years later the members of IBERIA unfortunately parted ways and the band was no more.

2007 saw the band come to an agreement with a record label to re-issue their first two albums, followed with a reunion gig in 2009, and now here we are with the band’s third album, twenty-five years into their career. For REVOLUTION the band have seemingly all but stripped the heavier influences out of their sound, opting for a more traditional classic hard rock feel, but with some sleaze and swagger remaining in the mix. Regardless of anything else, this has made REVOLUTION a very fun album to listen to. Okay so there’s not much depth here, and I agree that fourteen songs is a bit too much, but overall the album is a success. There’s a mixture of more traditional party rockers (REVOLUTION, ALL NIGHT FLYING, SHE DEVIL, HOT IN LOVE), a couple of slightly heavier beasts (TIRED, N.I.T.R.O) and then you have TIRED, which is a heavier track again featuring a guest vocal from MOONSPELL frontman Fernando Ribeirio, and also an up-to-date remake of the band’s most well-known track HOLLYWOOD, which also features a guest contribution, this time from Ricardo Amorim, also a member of MOONSPELL.

For me personally, the vocal accent of frontman Miguel Freitas was a little too strong at times, but I’m sure that issue is one that a lot of people will not have a problem with. For those that don’t I can wholly recommend this album, it’s fun, it’s raucous, it’s rowdy and it’s definitely the sound of band that are re-energized and ready for another full-tilt.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 7/10

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