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Third Brigade – Some Of Us Even Have Pets Review

Released By : FPAHTK Records

Genre : Modern Alt. Rock

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2. The Other

3. Elines Song

4. 21/22

5. The Cocktail

6. Eclectic You

7. I Don’t Regret It

8. Secrets

9. Down With A Smile

10. This Accident

11. Streetlight Silhouette

12. Sideways

13. Eclectic You (Nachspiel Version)

I tell ya man, there must be something in the water down in Norway… While the various genres Norway’s best exports encompass may not suit everyone’s personal musical tastes the one thing all of them have in common is pure quality. I must admit though, up until now I had never heard a modern Alt. Rock band from that neck of the woods, but once again THIRD BRIGADE proves to be a worthy competitor and a band to definitely keep an eye out for.

The basis of the sound is pretty Americanised, with influences from bands like TOOL, THRICE and DEFTONES being the most evident, but there’s also a bit of a KYUSS style stoner rock vibe here and even a slight occasional hint of say MASTODON or even a tiny ISIS edge in places if you listen hard enough for it. Through this though, they manage to come out on the other side without actually sounding like a copycat act, and SOME OF US EVEN HAVE PETS actually ends up sounding somewhat unique in the overall scheme of things…not quite commercial enough for guaranteed radio time, but not too edgy so as to ward off potential suitors.

If I was to try and pick one track that I feel would best show what the band are going for it would probably be 21/22, which is a moody piece with a powerful chorus, interesting lyrics and catchy vocals. But I could also probably recommend THE OTHER, ECLECTIC YOU or the seven-plus minute sludgy DOWN WITH A SMILE too. The more important aspect of this album though is the high production values which could rival some of the better sounding albums in the modern rock genre… The guitars are heavy as fuck in some places but never seem too muddy, the bass is perfectly balanced and the drums punch and kick their way through the forefront without ever sounding too loud and the vocals are great too with some slight effects occasionally but an overall very clean and tidy sound.

My one gripe though is that I really don’t like the overall artwork scheme the band went with. The digipak packaging is decent enough but the dead stuffed animals covered in rainbow custard really didn’t do much for me at all. There’s also too much influence on white hues and a pretty hard to understand font format too.

Musically, THIRD BRIGADE are establishing themselves as a very good band with not much work left to do in order to break through to a larger audience, and while there’s a couple of songs here that didn’t really fit the overall feel, SOME OF US EVEN HAVE PETS would have to be looked at as a success. Next time though I think they need a totally different art direction and maybe even one more six-plus minute tune, asides from that though these guys are a pretty good prospect for a bigger record label, there really isn’t much work left to do at all.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 7/10

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