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Aesthesia – Shattered Idols Review

Released by: Perris Records

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Sleaze/Hard Rock


Line Up:

Nico Marlyn (Lead Vocals)

Julien Gatter (Lead Guitars)

Sickky Lyo (Guitars)

Johnny Lips (Bass Guitar)

Mat O’Clock (Drums)


01. Greed Machine

02. Lyna Red

03. Under 16

04. District Of Swine

05. Hometown

06. Hoodoo Queen

07. Gone

08. Tales Of Underground

09. Mary Green

10. Rattlesnake Preacher

11. Daydream

Okay if you wanted a lukewarm selling point I guess I could tell you that France’s own Aesthesia sounds or at least aspires to be like bands like Guns N Roses and Buckcherry, would you go out and buy the album? Maybe, but that’s a short selling point because we all know how clustered the genre of Hard Rock/Glam etc is from bands from all over the place trying to diversified a style that has been played over and over again. Aesthesia – Shattered Idols is something to keep fans of the genre busy in the meantime.

If you keep up with the scene at all then you will know the name of Thomas Silver former guitar player from the Swedish Glam Hard Rock band Hardcore Superstar, which contributes here on this album as well. The style here is basic Hard Rock with your typical Hollywood Sleaze flavoring, featuring tight guitar solos and a raunchy rhythm and bass section.

I get the comparisons in lead singers Nico Marlyn to that of Axl Rose, but really let’s not even mentioned that because I never thought Axl was that great of singer anyways. Let’s just say that those raspy vocals featured here fit the style of the band quite well, in the vain of bands like LA Guns or Faster Pussycat.

Tracks like “Under 16” directly scream Hollywood and vine in the 80’s with an uptight rocker with plenty of nasty sleaze attitude. The faster pace “District of Swine” rolls forward with a crushing groove that stands on it’s own. The more Chilli Peppers inspired funk southern rock number “Hoodoo Queen” is a nice change of pace, with a sweet melodic guitar solo riff.

Comparisons will run wild here but is best for you to not judge and compare, just simply take it all in and don’t bring down the music because the genre is so clustered and it has become very difficult to differentiate your originality as an artist. Listen and simply rock to it because the songs are solid and give the listener everything you may look for in this style. I still prefer bands like Crashdiet and Babylon Bombs more as they’re sound seems more polished and melodic, but hey it’s your call. Aesthesia certainly has a bright future and hope they take it to the next level on their next album.

Written by Denys

Ratings Denys   8/10

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