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Edge of Paradise – Mask Review

Released by: Shredrock Records

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Industrial Melodic Metal


Line Up:

Margarita Monet (vocals/keyboards)

Dave Bates (guitar)

Kevin Katich (drums/back up vocals)

Steven Cook (Bass/back up vocals)


01. Falling Down

02. Tail Of The Gun

03. Mask

04. We Breath

05. Thrown It All Away

06. Walk The Line

07. Shredenstein

08. I Come In Peace

09. Fire

Anytime I hear one of these new American metal bands I get a little skeptical about the music. The landscape here in the States is so much different then overseas, that is hard to get excited about many new acts anymore. Industrial Melodic Metal Band Edge of Paradise is one that fits the bill for what the misinformed metal typical metal fan in this country likes. More typically the Ozzfest type fans, the metalcore people and those in between.

But let’s not all be buzz kill here  just giving the truth about the music scene. On a brighter note the the rhythm section of bassist Tony Franklin (Blue Murder, The Firm) and drummer Gregg Bissonette (David Lee Roth Band) are added to the band as a solid backbone,  that can’t be all bad right?.

The style of this band with a thick bass is pretty easily influenced from the industrial vain of things. You add a vixen female singer the likes of Margarita Monet and you have a winning formula, at least here in this country.

The vocals are one thing I have to point, because even though I give nothing but respect to any metal chick trying to lead a band, because let’s face it it takes some brass to lead a metal band, regardless of that honorable aspect the vocals are fine but nothing out of this planet. The songs are all typical straight up metal but I feel that they lack a bit of the catchy factor.

One of the more attainable tunes comes in “Thrown It All Away” with deep plowing bass leading the way. The nice hefty rocker “Walk The Line” sounds more like the sound I think the band can expand on more, a bit of classic rock mixed with it’s industrial vibe, a nice upbeat rocker that sounds different; in a good way. What I didn’t like was the two instrumental numbers? Out of 9 tracks 3 are instrumentals? Probably not that wises thing to do, but hey I’m not in a band just my own opinion as it takes a step down from the quality of the music.
A little bit of emo, somewhat dark in places and with a heavy as hell bass and drums and you have a halfway decent release plus I’ll give them a plus because of the guitar player Bates collaborated with former McAuley Schenker Group and current Survivor vocalist Robin McAuley on some of the record’s material. Probably needs to polish their sound a bit more and add some more elements in the music to make it stand out from all of the other generic bands in the same genre, but overall is not a bad release. Sorta of what you expect from the scene now a days in the USA, except the guitar play is a lot better then usual. Hear before you purchase and see what you think heh?

Written by Denys

Ratings Denys    6/10

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