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Sencelled – Sencelled Review

Released by: Rocketsongs

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Melodic Rock/AOR


Line Up:

Erik Holmberg – Lead vocals & guitar

Fredrik Askenström – Backup vocals & guitar

Mattias Ohlsén – Backup vocals & Bass guitar

Christoffer Ahl – Drums


01. Breathe Out

02. I Love The Way You Are

03. Wild One

04. Miracle

05. Oh, Sarah

06. One Night Stand

07. I Wanted You

08. Tommy & Gina

09. Things I Feel

10. Carry On

And here we have another new sensational Melodic Rock/AOR band out of Sweden. They are called SENCELLED and without a doubt, this is a great new band to check out asap if you like catchy hooks and melodic choruses being packed into fun summer uptempo rockers. They sound like the perfect cross between 80s THE OUTFIELD, AIRRACE, THE GIANT LEAP, NELSON circa ‘Life’ and WORK OF ART, with choruses and hooks straight outta the big AOR Book, but adding a more guitar orientated approach of their mostly fun uptempo Melodic Rock material.

SENCELLED hail from a suburb close to Stockholm and thanks to a great lead singer (guitarist ERIK HOLMBERG), 10 really great catchy tunes, a tight production by RICKY B DELIN and a debut release on the same label as HOUSTON (ROCKET SONGS), this band is highly recommended to all the people who enjoyed the albums of acts like H.E.A.T., HOUSTON, THE POODLES, WORK OF ART, SERPENTINE, LIONVILLE, W.E.T. and such picture-perfect hookladen fun summer uptempo AOR/Radiorock of the 2010s, although SENCELLED are less keyboard-orientated and also add a slight modern poprock touch, but the AOR feeling is really present as well from start to finish!

The first 4 songs are instant hits, all of them being uptempo catchy Melodic Rock/AOR songs in the style of mentioned bands, with as best ones definitely “I love the way you are” and “Breathe out”. Things slow down during the semi-ballad “Oh, Sarah” that has 90s AOR written all over (think of UP ALL NIGHT, SAHARA, MASON, STATEMENT and ROKBOX). Then the band just continues bringing us more catchy uptempo Melodic Rock tunes in the shape of “One night stand”, “I wanted you” (can’t get any catchier!), “Tommy and Gina” (lyrically referring to BON JOVI’s “Living on a prayer”), “Things I feel” and ending the CD with “Carry on”.

Some of the songs even recall memories of the legendary classic HAREM SCAREM debut CD, yet mixed with some BRYAN ADAMS of the early 80s. It really captures the same sort of energy and catchy vibe as the first HAREM SCAREM album from 20 years ago (songs like “All over again”, “How long” and “Don’t Give Your Heart Away”), but then taking a sort of more BRYAN ADAMS/RICK SPRINGFIELD/THE OUTFIELDish Poprock approach.

I think that is the best way to describe the sound of SENCELLED! For a debut, this is a really great start and anyone into fun catchy hooks/melodic choruses driven uptempo Melodic Radiorock friendly music, this SENCELLED CD is a must-have! Not pure AOR, but more akin to classic 80s BRYAN ADAMS, MIKAEL ERLANDSSON, NELSON’s ‘Life’, early 80s RICK SPRINGFIELD and THE OUTFIELD, so very interesting I guess if you want to sing-a-long and just want to have a good time, but any AOR fan will definitely like this too!!

Written by Gabor

Ratings Gabor  8/10

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