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Anubis – Tower Of Silence Review

Released By : Bird’s Robe Records

Genre : Progressive Rock

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1.The Passing Bell (Part I-VI) (17:08)
2.Archway of Tears (5:45)
3.This Final Resting Place (8:28)
4.A Tower of Silence (9:57)
5.Weeping Willow (2:43)
6.And I Wait for my World to End (5:15)
7.The Holy Innocent (11:45)
8.All That Is (11:13)
i. Light of Change
ii. The Limbo of Infants
iii. Endless Opportunity

A nice little surprise found it’s way into my mailbox this week courtesy of a batch of releases from upstart Aussie progressive rock record label Bird’s Robe Records. One of the more enjoyable albums of the lot was the new album from Sydney based neo-prog act ANUBIS, and while the disc didn’t really hold any amazing surprises  I certainly enjoyed it. The band play a blend of progressive music that combines MARILLION, KING CRIMSON, PINK FLOYD and even a slight bit of the more mellow side of DREAM THEATER, but what enjoyed the most about this album was the band’s ability to still make it all sound cohesive and melodic. Some progressive acts spend too much time showboating and trying to sound too arty, but bands like ANUBIS have the sense to keep a good structure.

So there’s not too much virtuosic musicianship to be found with the eight songs on offer, but there’s clearly a very high level of skill and class show from each contributor. The highlights for me were the great vocals of frontman James Moulding and the occasional Dave Gilmour inspired lead guitar work courtesy of Doug Skene and Dean Bennison. There’s also a great guest vocal from Becky Shepherd and Katrina Feil on the closing opus, now I don’t know who these tow ladies are but they certainly have great voices and I actually would have liked to hear them contribute on a couple of the other tunes too.

I also really like cover artwork, perfect stuff as far as prog rock goes really, and the actual disc is made to look like the inner workings of a clock and just screams RUSH. There’s a bevy of options available to progressive music fans these days and a lot of less known bands tend to get largely ignored, but if you are a fan of melodic and well-structured progressive rock, neo-prog or crossover prog make sure to put this new album from ANUBIS on your list of things to check out. As I said there’s not a lot on offer here to help them stand out from the crowd, but A TOWER OF SILENCE is still an excellent album regardless.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 8/10

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