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Lou Reed And Metallica – Lulu Review

Released By : Warner Brothers

Genre : Alternative

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Disc I
01. Brandenburg Gate
02. The View
03. Pumping Blood
04. Mistress Dread
05. Iced Honey
06. Cheat On Me

Disc II
01. Frustration
02. Little Dog
03. Dragon
04. Junior Dad

Silly, Silly me…… Somewhere along the lines between when this collaboration was first announced and now, I got it into my head that it just may have been able to work. Maybe it’s because no matter what rubbish the mighty METALLICA have thrown our way since their decline I’ve always wanted to still love them, or maybe it was because I was sure that somebody with the stature of LOU REED couldn’t possibly involve himself unless it was going to be something special. Whatever the reason though, I really should have known that LULU was going to end up such a huge steamy turd.

Musically, it’s like a bunch of shitty ST. ANGER rejects with a similarly stifled production and some of the most boring lead guitar work Kirk Hammet has ever offered up, you also get to hear James Hetfield trying to sing all art-rock style and doing it really badly. But the fault doesn’t all go to METALLICA here though, LOU REED also contributes one of the most lack-lustre performances of his career and I can’t see how he could have possibly been happy with the outcome.

If this had of been a fun little team-up that resulted in a cheap E.P or even an online-only cheap album release, then maybe we could look at it as the interesting anomaly that it is, but the fact that everybody involved with this genuinely think that this is something special, and the fact that it’s a full price physical release….Well, the joke’s on us then isn’t it?

Die-hard METALLICA fans have been tested in the past, maybe even more so than fan-boys of any other band in history, but I feel that it will be nearly impossible for them to be able to defend this garbled mess, LOU REED fans may be a little more inclined to support it being that his material has always been wacked out anyway.  I look forward to all of the arty-farty music listeners out there declaring the genius of the album blah, blah, blah….. But as a music fan that like their music cohesive, and as a long-time begrudged METALLICA fan I can’t in all honesty say that LULU is anything more than a collective of people with their heads stuck up their own asses chucking some crap together and putting it on a disc. It’s almost like Lars Ulrich has said “Hey guys, let’s see just how shit we can get before our loyal fans stop throwing money our way!”…..If that’s what was said, then surely the next quote would have to have been James Hetfield with…”Challenge accepted!!”…..

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 1/10

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