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Paradise Inc – Time Review

Released by: Avenue of Allies

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Melodic Rock, Hard Rock, AOR


Line Up:

Carsten Lizard Schulz – Vocal

Allan Juliano – Drums

Rick A. – Bass

Marcos Peres – Guitars

De Grigo – Guitars


1. Time (Live and Learn)

2. Close Your Eyes

3. Who’s Fooling Who

4. I Will Wait

5. Wait And See

6. No More Mistakes

7. You

8. Set Me Free

9. Steel Or Stone

10. Not In Paradise (feat. Doogie White)

11. Steel Or Stone (Acoustic – Eur. bonus)

What is it about Brazil and becoming of recent time a hotbed for Melodic Rock and AOR bands? We have had quite a few groups come out of there on a consistent basis don’t we?. Paradise Inc is yet another talented ensemble of former cover band musicians alongside here teaming up with the vocal talents of Carsten “Lizard” Schulz (Evidence One, Midnite Club and ex-Domain) that has come forward with a new album that grasps all the Melodic Rock hints of a solid debut.

Adding value to this package is the mixing of Paul Logue as well as the mastering of Dennis Ward. The band’s sound is a typical cross between Hard Rock and Melodic Rock, with it’s careful crafted implementation of keyboards added by Alessando Del Vecchio (Glenn Hughes, Edge of Forever, Eden’s Curse) throughout the record.

One of the main point of focus are the tight guitar leads of De Grigo that spark a lighting rod of smooth emotions on such delights tracks like “I Will Wait” and “No More Mistakes”. The vocals of Schulz are fine and do a respectable job on each song, as his melodies probably fit a more Hard Rock style, but nonetheless they don’t take away from the music.  The nice touch rockier AOR ballad of “No More Mistakes” plays right into that magnetic melodic formula, alongside some traverse keyboards, this tune stands out as a fine highlight.

The band did a nice job of considerably delivering some quality tracks here, a very solid backbone arsenal of very enducing melodic guitar riffs and an some acceptable songwriting capabilities. Some of the vibes here are very hard rock es-que as I mentioned earlier, and that’s not a bad thing it at the very least sets the band apart with a slight distinction from the other bands out there playing the same style.  One of these bands that I will look forward to following up on future releases, because the talent is all there and can take them places to hit a level of notoriety in the genre for sure.

Written by Denys

Ratings Denys   7/10

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