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Dr Sin – Animal Review

Released by: Laser Company Records

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Hard Rock/Heavy Metal


Line Up:

Ivan Busic – Drums/Vocals

Andria Busic – Lead Vocals/Bass Guitar

Eduardo Ardanuy – Guitars


1. Animal

2. Lady Lust

3. U R Deleted

4. Faster Than A Bullet

5. Train Of Pain

6. Seven Sins

7. Pray For Tomorrow

8. The Kings

9. Heroes

10. Life

11. Drifter

12. Those Days

13. Witness

14. May The Force Be With You

15. Ninja

If you look back at the history of Brazil’s own Hard Rock/Heavy Metal outfit Dr Sin, is not hard to realize these veterans have dished out a consistent dosed of quality material for a long time. Since the beginning when the band injected themselves into the heavy laden grunge movement in the early 90’s where they landed on stage opening for bands like Nirvana and L3, to the consistent dose of heavy publicity and spots on famous rock magazines.

This trio has been taking names and shredding away for some time and the recently released new studio album titled “Animal”, offers a variety of styles and grooves that Dr Sin brings to the table bringing similar flavoring to bands like Mr Big and Xtreme.

The versatility of guitar player Edu Ardanuy along with the brutal and infectious groove of brothers Ivan and Andria Busic has made this triple team assault very popular in rock circles. The madness continues on the bands latest effort “Animal”.

Right from the onset the opener title track hits the spot right showing you a little taste of what’s to come with a nice crunching punch provided by the bass of Andria. The quick churner of “Faster Then A Bullet” takes control in a heavy duty rhythm that explodes with conviction.  The building pace of  “Seven Sins” is perhaps one of the best songs on the album, although is hard to pick a favorite since they are all strong cuts, with excellent musicianship. A nice slower number shows the bands ability to compose a ballad, “Pray for Tomorrow’ is yet another standout tune with plenty of meaning behind it.

This one is a strong Hard Rock record with a unique styling that Dr Sin has provided all these years, inventive musicianship, groovy licks and solid songwriting with a strong punch of a rhythm section. Special note again to the great guitar leads of Edu Ardanuy who does a great job as usual. I have to admit that it wasn’t until a few years back that I started to check out Dr Sin and it’s early catalog of and I was surprised as to how much solid music I found there, this album matches up with any of their previous records and I hope you don’t let it pass you by because they are one of those bands that can go under the radar if you’re not a Hard Rock enthusiast. Recommended!!!

Written by Denys

Ratings Denys    9/10

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