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Richie Kotzen – 24 hours Review

Released by: Headroom Inc

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Hard Rock/Soul/Blues/Funk



1. 24 Hours

2. Twist Of Fate

3. Richie Kotzen? – Help Me

4. OMG What’s Your Name?

5. Get It On

6. Love Is Blind

7. Stop Me

8. Bad Situation

9. I Don’t Know Why

10. Tell Me That It’s Easy

The return of one of the most predominant guitar gods is always received well in anticipation by a fellow fan and listener like myself. Incredibly the guitar wizardry skills of Richie Kotzen have evolved through the years since he was out of Mr Big and decided to mark his own trail with a brilliant solo career. Perhaps this quote fits the bill perfectly for the type of career he has had “rock, blues, jazz and fusion to pop and soul, Kotzen has built a remarkably diverse 20 year career as a guitarist”. I look at Kotzen as a chameleon with an incredible repertoire of gifted arsenal able to tackle so many genres, an ambitious songwriting pencil alongside his legendary fretwork and his ever morphing and intricate riffing style that has made him a sensation all over the world, but to me the fact he has done this by himself as a solo artist is an even bigger trademark.

A long history of albums since his solo road started in 1989 has led him to tour the world and even landed as the opening act for The Rolling Stones on the “Bigger Bang tour” in Japan. As a fan and music critic I have learned to not get too high or too low when it comes to albums that you look forward to,  in Kotzen’s case you never know what you’re going to get due to his diverse inspiration roads. My favorite Richie style is very evident when he blends his soul/funk rock roots in unison with his shredding;  which all give part to an incredible blend of fusion that only he knows how to exercise.  On his new record 24 Hours he perhaps released one of his strongest efforts to date with a mix of songs that bring in the melting pot of styles form his earlier releases.

The title track and first single of 24 Hours is a funky mind bending soul fest rocker which tunes you right into Richie’s forefront style so well, and that tricky guitar riff takes the ball as an opener. The infectious chorus in the more pop laden undertones of “OMG What’s Your Name?” is a killer tune with hooks all over the place, and the prototypical high soaring Kotzen vocals which has always been a strong point throughout his musical journey; shines through with style but fleeting flavor.

The buildup momentum in the bluesy rocker “Love is Blind” is chemically addictive and the guitar solo half way through is majestic. Another taste of Richie’s skillful songwriting comes way the soul taster of “Bad Situation” which marks yet another strong effort in an album where there are not fillers or weak moments to be had.

I am glad to report this one is one of the strongest and most complete efforts to date by a rock musician and coming from Kotzen this is nothing short of fabulous as his back catalog is filled with so many countless satisfying moments.  The musical cycles change and his diversity is perhaps one of the strongest traits in his writing, alongside his custom telecaster fender guitar style riffing which are signature in style as they are in grace. To me Kotzen has released one of his best albums to date and goes a long way into proving once more he is one of the most underrated and greatest talented songwriters of this generation. If you’re already a fan then you know better then to already have to own this album, and if you’re not get on the boat because you are truly missing out quite an experience. Highly Recommended!!!

Written by Denys

Ratings Denys   9/10

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  1. Could not have said it better – why Richie is not one of the biggest stars in music is a fact that baffles me daily. Great review.


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