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Slash – Made in Stoke 24/7/11 Review

Released by: Eagle Vision

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Hard Rock



Line Up:

lead guitar – Slash

vocals – Myles Kennedy

bassist – Todd Kerns,

drummer – Brent Fitz

guitarist – Bobby Schneck



01. Been There Lately (SLASH’S SNAKEPIT song)

02. Nightrain (GUNS N’ ROSES song)

03. Ghost

04. Mean Bone (SLASH’S SNAKEPIT song)

05. Back From Cali

06. Rocket Queen (GUNS N’ ROSES song)

07. Civil War (GUNS N’ ROSES song)

08. Nothing To Say

09. Promise

10. Starlight

11. Doctor Alibi (with Todd Kerns on vocals)

12. Speed Parade (SLASH’S SNAKEPIT song)

13. Watch This

14. Beggars & Hangers-On (SLASH’S SNAKEPIT song)

15. Patience (GUNS N’ ROSES song)

16. Guitar Solo / Godfather Theme

17. Sweet Child O’ Mine (GUNS N’ ROSES song)

18. Slither (VELVET REVOLVER song)




19. By The Sword

20. Mr. Brownstone (GUNS N’ ROSES song)

21. Paradise City (GUNS N’ ROSES song)


If you look at the history of rocks and it’s course through each time period and it’s vital timeline, it is important to remember the bands that manage to break through commercially even if the actual material for some wasn’t as great as the mainstream originally soaked the first time around, is well worth noticing and has forever implanted itself into the popular rock culture over the years. One of those band was Guns ‘N Roses, yes they we’re freaking huge mainstream success and rocked cities and countries worldwide on sold out shows and tours for a number of years. With the winning combination of the master of the six strings (and the real reason they we’re good to begin with” that would be Slash, and the bad boy (asshole) antics of their lead vocalist Axl Rose, they capitalize on the market then and then as quickly as they lived the life, it quickly banished but not without leaving a mark on the music world.

To me after Slash decided to break free from the group and start his own solo stuff which then lead to his earlier works with Slash’s Snakepit and the not so great Velvet Revolver project, to his recently released solo record, this was probably the best thing that he could of done at this point in his career. And even better he added Alter Bridge’s vocalist to handle vocals on their tour and on some of the new songs off the new solo record. Despite the fact that some of the guest musicians on the new solo record came from the pop world like Fergie and Adam Levine, the album was halfway decent with the additions of friends like Dave Grohl, Lemmy, Ozzy and Chris Cornell.

I guess the powers to be must of gave a thumbs up for his recent record, because to let Slash hit the road with a new rhythm section and to let a guy like Kennedy, which has a very good voice sing some old rock staples from the Guns period, was pretty risky by Slash, but it turns out to be for the better as this performance in Victoria Hall in the British town of Stoke-On-Trent proves a welcome return back to a place Slash called home.

The shows opens warmly and ripping through the Slash Snakepit era song “Been There Lately” as Myles shines on this track with precision. The cover of the classic Guns N Roses track “Nightrain” puts Kennedy in the forefront again and show Slash can still master the fret, always a great vibe comes from this track no matter who is covering the song. “Back from Cali’ was one of the songs I liked from Slash’s solo record and this one sounds pretty good live here as well.

The classic cuts keep proving to be a crowd favorite as Myles does a more then respectable job on another GnR favorite “Civil War”, with that thunderous super melodic solo from Slash.

The Second Disc CD has some other noticeable songs like another Guns classic in “Mr Brownstone” and the punishing Slash solo simply called “Godfather Solo”.

Made in Stoke is a very good showing live from a setting and a place very close to Slash’s heart, tackling a career retrospect of back catalog that any fan of Slash and Guns N Roses would enjoy. The band here does a great job of ripping onstage and credit must be given to drummer Brent Fitz and bass player Todd Kerns as they do a solid job. But really Myles Kennedy is the man that fits the bill here surprisingly well, has a really good voice and blows the lid of some of these rather popular tracks as well as the more obscure stuff from Slash solo records. And what can you say about Slash? You have to give the guy some props for hitting the road and doing this right? I mean forget the hugely successfully career he has had after Guns N Roses debacle, but his countless collaborations in the pop/rock scene, and has manage to stay relevant after all these years. Even though I only got the 2 Disc CD Edition, the special edition 2 CD/DVD has the video footage of the concert as well. A recommended live event for any fans of Slash.


Written by Denys

Ratings   Denys    8/10



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