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Solstice Coil – Natural Causes Review

Released by: Melodic Revolution Records

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Alternative Progressive Rock



Line Up:

Shir Deutch: Lead vocals, guitars

Yaniv Shalev: Bass

Opher Vishnia: Lead guitar, vocals

Shai Yallin: Keyboards, vocals

Yatziv Caspi: Drums



1. Question Irrelevant

2. Outcome Inevitable

3. Fall Schedules

4. Human Again

5. I Know

6. Singalong Deathtrap

7. Walking Graveyards

8. Too Many Regrets

9. Moral Oxidation

10. Replacing People

11. Designed Instincts

12. Recipe For Eternity


Formed back in 2001, the band SOLSTICE COIL is by far one of the most interesting bands ever to emerge from Israel. They play modern Progressive Rock that sounds like a mix between the complexity of DREAM THEATER and the more laid-back moody approach of PORCUPINE TREE, while vocally it taps out an almost Neo-Progressive Rock department and actually the song-based material also has clear similarities to TRANSATLANTIC, SPOCK’S BEARD, NEAL MORSE and THE FLOWER KINGS.

The result can be heard on the band’s 2nd CD ‘Natural causes’, which has been released on the American label MELODIC REVOLUTION RECORDS. The band does not make the mistake to drift away from the song like so many other progbands tend to do, because live on stage you can experiment and improve as much as you want, however on the record please give us clean melodies and that is exactly what SOLSTICE COIL is doing at a very high level on their new album ‘Natural causes’. There are even some similarities to ENCHANT here and there. The band’s material is really excellent and very melodic modern orientated progressive rock that combines clean melodies in both the vocal and guitar/keyboard department, with as finest example the song “I know”.

The band actually got famous for a DREAM THEATER parody (about their search for a new drummer) they put on YOUTUBE sometime in July 2011, that eventually gave them a 15 minutes of fame, especially when DREAM THEATER themselves played it before playing a show in Israel! Anyway, they can make great music on their own, which can be heard on this CD that is really highly recommended to especially fans of TRANSATLANTIC, SPOCK’S BEARD and ENCHANT, so this is melodic song-based modern progrock at it’s best!

In addition, would also like to make a really positive remark about the amazing artwork of the frontcover of the album, which can best be viewed when folding out the inner sleeves of the CD booklet that makes it almost look like a classic surrealistic painting from 90 years ago (in the style of MAGRITTE/DALI/MIRO).


Written by Gabor

Ratings    Gabor     8/10



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