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Down & Dirty – Taste of Rock & Roll Review

Released by: Independent

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Sleaze Hard Rock



Line Up:

L.a. – Guitar/Backup Vocals

Majyk – Vocals

9 Volt – Bass

Joey The Kidd – Drums



01. R U Ready

02. Taste Of Rock & Roll

03. Free & Young

04. All In

05. Fallin

06. Wild Child

07. Hurts So Good

08. Party With Me

09. Get It Right

10. You

11. Gotta Luv It


The taste of dirty straight from the windy city of Chicago brings  back the 80’s glamorous sleaze which will have the girls screaming for more taste of rock and roll. Is easy in today’s music puzzle to dismiss a band like Down & Dirty as just another sleaze clone band from an era where in the 80’s so many these bands we’re born right into the sleaze movement, but as we have seen with bands overseas like Crashdiet, Babylon Bombs and Crazy Lixx for instance, the rock sleaze movement is alive and well. While not on a mainstream viral level, there is still hope because this style of music has been able to stay alive even in despite the crapola of mainstream music we consider talent now a days.

Let’s introduce yourself to the band and judging from their names aka nicknames you can easily tell these guys live and breathe the 80’s, just ask their singer Majyk or their guitar player L.a, yeah go ahead laugh if you like. The music is what the band is really all about and as this record will show, they kick ass. Obviously these dudes were their influences on their sleeves, just as much as their leather outfits on their bodies; which are your excessive over the top leather pants and attire typical of the genre back in it’s heyday, but who cares if you like party bands like Motley Crue, Poison, or Pretty Boy Floyd for instance then you would dig quickly into these young guns.

The music here is not just all a carbon copy of glam and hair metal either, the guys are more then capable then writing some good tunes, for instance take the power ballad “Fallin”, an exemplary driven tune with plenty of emotion in it’s back core provided by their charismatic front man. The title track alongside “Free & Young” are your typical sleaze rockers, with tasty guitar solos and some tongue and cheek lyrical foresight. The backbone of “Wild Child” brings taste of early Whitesnake with a hard rock edge to it, a lethal chorus grinds it’s way midway through the album with precious attire. The cover of John Mellencamp’s “Hurt So Good” does the original song justice even with it’s slightly edgier tone with some dirty lyrics to add some fun to the mix.

Even though I never heard the band’s first album, this sophomore release is a must listen to any fans of Hard Rock/Sleaze and consider these dudes are pretty young, I hope they will be around a while and keep on growing as an outfit. They do show here a natural growth in musical style and substance, and their lead singer Majyk has the typical sleaze vocals pat down to a T. The atmosphere on “Taste of Rock & Roll” is all about fun injecting a topsy derby groove which I like very much. The sky is the limit for Down & Dirty, I hope to hear more of them in the future, and yes I know this album was released earlier this year and we normally don’t review older material much, but there are exceptions to the rule when the music needs to be heard. Listen to Down & Dirty cause there’s plenty of talent and promise riding high.


Written by Denys

Ratings    Denys     7/10


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