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The Best Metal Albums of 2011 List

Best Heavy Metal Albums 2011 List

By: Denys Jaime

The year of Metal has had a vast variety of solid releases and just flat out kick ass music, if 2012 is as strong as this past year was in Metal, we are in for a real treat. Rawks!!! Here are the top 25 metal albums of 2011 and yes I know we left some out but is hard to top so many great releases in just 25 spots you know!!!


This Mortal Coil


This Mortal Coil (2011)

So hard to decide on the best metal album of the year, to me Redemption’s newest effort held a special place in my mp3 player because of the inspiration behind the music, the dark side of the lyrical theme and the back story behind the lyrics. Not only are they one of my favorite bands, but one of the few bands that can dish out a full tour de force of power and tone the music down just in a jiff at the same time. Great album!!!

And She Says Gold


And She Says Gold (2011)

Best Melodic Metal album I heard all year and it deserves a high rank on my list. The band’s sound overall is a mix of some early Sonata Arctica (with less frenetic) riff wankery,  with more melodic metal bands like Excalion or Dawnless for those Swedish metal freaks out there. Great record filled with powerful vocals and melodies.

Heavenly Ecstasy

Pagan’s Mind

Heavenly Ecstasy (2011)

A fine return to shape from one of the most consistent Progressive Metal bands out there. While God’s Equation was a let down in some ears, I think the band manages to glue itself back together and get back to the fierce musical structure that dominated albums like Enigmatic:Calling, and although I probably wanted to hear more high rising guitar licks from Lofstad, he’s shredding is solid as ever here. Nils still incisively takes hold of the vocal flame and does a commendable job once more.

Immortal Soul


Immortal Soul (2011)

One of the best traditional metal albums I heard all year, yes even better then the new album by Hell. Thundersteel line-up of Reale, Moore, Stavern, Jarzombek and Flyntz reunited and it feels so good.


Iced Earth

Dystopia (2011)

Exit Matt Barlow for the second time and probably ever, enter Stu Block,and bottom line is Iced Earth killed it with Dystopia, best album since “Horrow Show” and best in a decade.



Glasnost (2011)

Not the biggest alternative metal guy out there, but this band blew my mind with it’s stand on politics, the media and some hard to tackle subject matter. A hard edge alternative sludge new age metal thing going on. Intriguing and complex songwriting. Good stuff….



Elysium (2011)

Holy crap these guys have gone through so much turmoil and break ups and back stabbing in the press and public arenas to make an easy soap opera out of their fiasco. But for some crazy reason they manage to make a kick ass record bringing back the old strato sound, goodness thanks for that.

A Dramatic Turn of Events

Dream Theater

A Dramatic Turn of Events (2011)

A dramatic turn of events lead Mike Portnoy to leave the band, enter Mike Mangini who does a killer job, more laid back compositions has DT still dishing daily bread for the hungry fan base who lost one of it’s leaders.

Anubis Gate

Anubis Gate

Anubis Gate (2011)

Smart, complex, catchy and challenging, all words to describe what has now become one of the best progressive metal bands around.

A Moment in Chiros

Lance King

A Moment in Chiros (2011)

It took the former Balance of Power and Nightmare Records founder a while to release his first solo record but man when it came out King created a universe of complexity and covering a topic that is highly interesting and mysterious. Great guest musicians add a layer of intrigue to an already top notch prog metal album!!!


Symphony X

Iconoclast (2011)

I was torn between how to rank the latest effort from Symphony X, but man I have to admit the sound is getting a little too redundant, it’s time to go back to basics guys? Too much hard edge, same up tempo stuff, let’s focus on what got you here to begin with hey? Another master vocal performance from the intimidating vocals of Russell Allen though!!!

Glorious Collision


Glorious Collision (2011)

Another one of my favorite bands delivers yet again, great inspired vocals by Tom Englund, and good replacement drummer adds another layer of potency, as if they need it it? Good job not hanging around some of the older records that sounded the same.

Razorback Killers

Vicious Rumors

Razorback Killers (2011)

VR been doing the Trash thing since the 80’s and they have never shied away from their typical style, this record kept me bobbing my neck back and forth, great licks, good vocals and pure aggressiveness fun.

Rebel Mind


Rebel Mind (2011)

Well constructed release by Eumeria featuring some high powered vocals and your not so typical prog metal grooves. Very cool and consistent record from top to bottom.

Show Me How to Live

Royal Hunt

Show Me How to Live (2011)

Glad to hear DC Cooper back in the Hunt, some throwback style songs from early circa Royal Hunt, but I was left wanting to hear more and hope Cooper sticks around for good this time.

The Unseen Empire

Scar Symmetry

The Unseen Empire (2011)

This band has always intrigued me and their melodic death style is one of the few bands I listen to now in that genre, great completeness on a fierce album full of twisted rhythms and hooks. Possibly one of their best and they have a few great ones already.

Out From the Cold


Out From the Cold (2011)

I like Coldspell and what they are doing, a band everybody needs to check out, quality hard rock/metal and I just had top add them on my top list this past year.

As the World Bleeds


As the World Bleeds (2011)

Theocracy manages to release a highly competitive power metal/prog metal album  and the first one since their last record in 2008. I like the interesting lyrics, the flow of the record particularly works well on here.

Fall From Grace


Fall From Grace (2011)

I know bitching and moaners will say these guys all sound the same and this and that, but guess what? Who cares this record kicked ass and it was very intriguing for a young band, these Canadians made a breakthrough record full of intensity and power.

Age of the Joker


Age of the Joker (2011)

Too bad some Edguy fans have abandoned the band, they seem to think they can retrace again 10 years ago to the good old days. Guess what kids? Get over it this ain’t no Hellfire Club but if you would listen then you would appreciate the band still sounds good and has a lot to offer.

Curse of the Artizan


Curse of the Artizan (2011)

Great traditional metal band from Florida, this release came out of left field and I really hope to hear more from this band. Keep rocking dudes!!!

King Kobra

King Kobra

King Kobra (2011)

King Kobra reunion and come back album, okay probably could of put it on the rock top list but I like their little hard edge so I put them here, and Paul Shortino still sounds freaking great. Here’s to more soon guys!!!

Come Read the Words Forbidden


Come Read the Words Forbidden (2011)

Ukranian band led by their front man Max Morton, I don’t care too much about the band name, but the music took me by surprise and they finally released a full album after a few EPS. Everybody should check these guys out, I know if I had heard it earlier in the year I probably would of given a higher rating on my list.


Mystic Prophecy

Ravenlord (2011)

Mystic Prophecy just does what they do best, keep on shredding making traditional power metal with their own unique blend. Possibly one of their strongest to date overall.

Never Be Tamed


Never Be Tamed (2011)

A total surprise Progressive Metal band that came out of the Nightmare Records camp, proving once more that the genre is still alive and kicking. I love to hear more from these guys in the future and see where they take their sound.

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  1. What about Accept’s Blood Of The Nations? It’s the best of the year in my opinion.


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