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Andromeda – Manifest Tyranny Review

Released by: Inner Wound Recordings

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Progressive Metal



Line Up:

Johan Reinholdz – Guitar

David Fremberg – Vocals

Thomas Lejon – Drums

Martin Hedin – Keyboards

Fabian Gustavsson – Bass



01 – Preemptive Strike

02 – Lies ‘R’ Us

03 – Stay Unaware

04 – Survival of the Richest

05 – False Flag

06 – Chosen by God

07 – Asylum

08 – Play Dead

09 – Go Back to Sleep

10 – Antidote


There are progressive metal bands and then they’re are Progressive Metal bands, Andromeda thankfully falls into the latter of the two. As a big prog head junkie myself I remember the days when I was all into Dream Theater which led me to a quest to find many complex and intricate bands; but eventually you realize you heard it all before in a genre that often gets a bad cred for not being too original or better yet, a copycat genre. Alright fine except a few prog bands like Redemption, Symphony X, Theocracy, or Kamelot.  Andromeda’s first record “Extension of the Wish” was a definitely a step in the right direction back in 2001 that landed the band on the breakthrough artist lists for a band in this particular style.

I have to honestly say that I have not kept in tune too much with the past few albums from the band, but I took a particular interest to Andromeda once more on they’re newest release “Manifest Tyranny” they’re now fifth album to date. But as many bands in this category fall, you have to keep on pushing the envelop forward trying to sound different and changing your sound and message to stay relevant, I mean after all that is what Progressive Metal is all about right? And with Manifest Tyranny the band has successfully managed to create a unique monster of both melodic and intricate music that is both compelling and oblique at its core, with a heavy duty emphasis on it’s lyrical content and message.

The music is fine and there are some nice guitar parts alongside with some heavy bottom moments all throughout, but the lyrics here are range from taking shots at the political system to the media to 9/11 event. The enticing chorus in “Lies ‘R” Us” maintains its heavy but melodic edge with a powerful message. Although I was honestly lost in the message behind “Survival of the Richest”, the music however is quite intriguing with a tight guitar solo being a predominant source. When I stated earlier the compelling lyrics, well on the 9/11 inspired song “False Flag” you get a sense of this message behind the song which leans about a possible conspiracy behind that unforgettable day. I know some will probably have a problem with this, but hey is freedom of speech so I can respect that and this point of view. I don’t know if perhaps I heard something as powerful as the conveying message of the final lyrics in the chorus in this song  simply saying “False – Events – Appearing – Real”, daring stuff whichever way you look at it.

How can one put into words the immense message and lyrical maze behind the music here? Is hard and it truly has to be heard to really understand it. I can see this album being highly debated just because of the powerful message it conveys, but even in it’s proclamation and ideals you have to credit the band for making a thought provoking piece of music that tells they’re side of the story as to how they think is really happening in the world around us. I cant knock a band who has the guts to come out and push an idea with some presented facts, I mean hell we take facts for what they are everyday and not really push the actual word “thought” which plays a part in everything we hear, see and speak and how we live. The music is complex but is not drowning itself in the message, some nice guitar parts keep the progressive edge from leaving the root of the album, and use of voice parts can get a bit redundant but I can see why the band used it often. There is a lot of swallow and sink your brain across, is quite challenging and unpredictable piece of music by Andromeda which perfectly plays into what they are trying to convey.


Written by Denys

Ratings    Denys     8/10


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