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Himora – Argue All You Want Review

Released by: Drugstore Records

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Classic Rock/Hard Rock




1 .Just Can’t Stop

2 .Like A Heart Attack

3 .Too Long At The Fair

4 .Birmingham

5 .When The Boys Are Back

6 .Wings

7 .Big Betty

8 .Summer Dress

9 .Fisherman’s Blues

10 .Mexico Smile

11 .Legend In Your Lunchbox


Chances are if I asked if you had ever heard of the band Himora, you probably would of asked me to pronounce the name of the band again. Don’t feel bad because I hadn’t either, but here’s the kicker; I wonder why I had not heard of these guys before because I felt that I was missing out upon  listening to the band’s new album “Argue all you Want”.

This four piece outfit from Oslo does well on a traditional 70’s rock/funk sound mixed with some power pop elements. The music perhaps can best be described as fun rock, when was the last time you listened to some classic rock with a kick and some cool fun vibes? Yeah I thought it was worth checking it out and it wasn’t disappointing one bit.

The band opens things up with some spice and groove on the straight to the point track “Just Can’t Stop”. The ball keeps rolling retro style with the classic rock riff of “Birmingham”, the soulful vocalization brings memory of Boston and Bad Company, cool track with a sultry guitar lead bluesy style. Not sure if the band released the song “Wings” as a single or not, but if would certainly fit into a   perfect single, with a transient melancholy beat and catchy lyrics. The cool riffage in “Big Betty” is not only fun but features some tasty guitar work and vocals once again rounding out a solid album from an unexpected origin.

The quality of the songs here are surprisingly well done and consistent. The sound is a mix of earlier style mentioned above with your new age alternative groove, think Foo Fighters or King of Leon, except a lot of better then those bands. Himora has been around a long time the fact that they have not broken through in the commercial arena well honestly is a mystery to me, but it does not surprise me a bit taking into consideration the current musical landscape. Maybe with some more backing support the band will get more discovery on their latest effort. Good album with plenty of positive and fun vibes, want any more pleasantries? You’ll have listen for yourself okay?


Written by Denys

Ratings    Denys    8/10


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