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Breva – American Lanscape Review

Released By : Monolith Records

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre : Modern Rock , Alternative Rock

Link :


Line Up:

Andrew Mills

John Dutra

Phong Ho

Brandon Fernandez



1. Like a Snake

2. Straps and Locks

3. Communing Now

4. Microchip Tooth

5. Paper Is Poverty

6. Passing On

7. Can’t Say No

8. Final Release

9. Plastic Coffins

10. The Stairs


It’s nice every now and then to discover newer bands that can re-invigorate your confidence in an entire genre, especially when said genre is of the modern Alternative Rock variety, a style that has been well and truly run through the ringer time and time again over the last decade. Over the last few years my interest in this style of music has been shredded down to a mere handful of bands, ORDER OF VOICES, I AM EMPIRE and Aussie underdogs RUBY TIGERS, but now that I have heard AMERICAN LANDSCAPE, the new album from a band known as BREVA I think I’ll have another band to add to my watch list.

The backbone of the music can simply be regarded as modern Alt. Rock certainly. But there is also this slightly progressive tone that when combined with the mainly slower and brooding sound makes for a very arty and interesting sounding disc. I’d say the best comparison would likely be a cross between DEFTONES, A PERFECT CIRCLE, BUSH and early day INCUBUS, but layered with some of the arty pop feel of a band like U2. The chunky production doesn’t hurt either and there’s obviously been a lot of attention paid in the studio as to how the final outcome would sound.

AMERICAN LANDSCAPE also benefits from having a handful of tracks that could easily chart and be radio hits given the right exposure and a bit of luck. Take for example COMMUNING NOW, a track that is not too dissimilar to the sort of stuff BUSH have been making millions off for years now, Or the slower STONE TEMPLE PILOT’S influenced PASSING . There’s also two other absolute highlights that work both as potential hits but are also both fantastic album tracks… The first one is the song the band have been promoting the most CAN’T SAY NO, which finds an awesome groove somewhere between INCUBUS and JANES ADDICTION. The second one LIKE A SNAKE is my personal favourite track on offer here and as an album opener it really works to keep you hanging around the speakers.

I really am suggesting to anybody that like modern radio rock in any way, shape or form to go and check these guys out pronto, there’s so much generic crap in this genre these days so when a band comes along and offers up a platter as interesting and ass-kicking as this, we need to get behind it to ensure that bands will be more willing to attempt these sorts of things in the future.


Written by Zeezee

Ratings    Zeezee    8/10

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