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Bang Tango – Pistol Whipped in the Bible Belt Review

Released by: 78 Productions

Release Date: March 16th, 2012

Genre: Glam/Hard Rock



Line Up:

Joe Lesté – vocals

Scott LaFlamme – guitar

Lance Eric – bass

Trent Anderson – drums



1. Dick in the System

2. Suck It Up

3. Our Way

4. Bring on the World

5. Have You Seen Her

6. Live Life

7. I Like I

8. Boom Box Seance

9. Drivin

10. Pistol Whipped in the Bible Belt


Man what I would give to be around the scene during the sunset strip days in LA, we the barrage of bands that wanted to make it big, well Bang Tango while not super groundbreaking and can’t really say they made it big as they have remained a great scene band for many, did manage to dish out a few hit records with the likes of “Psycho Cafe” and “Dancin’ on Coals”. The band had that all popular sound mixing roots of funk, rock, and pop all  in one, and lead singer Joe Leste’s voice had a similar groove to that of Steven Tyler combined with the attitude of Phil Lewis from LA Guns.

Even though the band was labeled a glam metal band, the guys we’re alot better musicians then some claimed, and the fact they got labeled as that and came out during the late 80’s towards the downfall of that genre didn’t help their progress. Regardless of the historical ubiquity, to this day they have remained around and even though just recently releasing only their fifth studio album, they still have something to say and manage to do so on their recent album “Pistol Whipped in the Bible Belt”.

The outfit has been through some odd changes and weird reincarnations of the name sake Bang Tango. For instance when lead singer Leste’ left and created his own band Beautiful Creatures which coincidentally released two pretty good albums, proving once more that the raspy vocals of Leste’ could still have something to offer to the world, even in that sense those two albums never got the credit they deserve. The former members of Tango did their own thing and continued touring under the malingerer name Bang Tango Redux.  Leste, though, would continue to tour under the Bang Tango moniker. In fact to this day he remains the only original member of the band in it’s current upheaval.

The new album with it’s rebellious and funny title was actually a bit of a surprise for me. Give Leste’ some credit here for still sticking around and carrying on with that same old school sound of the band. His trademark hoarse vocals does very well on opener “Dick in the System” which starts off as a slow churner. “Have You Seen Her” is a slower rocker in which the beginning riff reminded me of any Guns N Roses songs from their hay day. The band’s first single “I Like It” is a grinding roaring tune which displays where this band stands currently within their music.

Credit where credit is due to Joe Leste’ for coming out and still proving that he can blend in despite this sick and twisted ways of the music biz. He takes the hip approach that the band tapped into in the late 80’s and still has plentiful of remnants of it in this updated sound from Bang Tango. It’s 36 minutes of fun and tango only these guys know how, if you get a chance to see these guys on the road I recommend you do so.


Written by Denys

Ratings    Denys    7/10


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