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Endname – Anthrophomachy Review

Released By : Solitude Productions

Genre : Atmospheric Sludge Metal

Link :


Line Up:

Sergey Kaplin

Dmitry Churilov

Sergey Podgorny

Dmitry Musatov



01. Black Light

02. Neuros[e]

03. Under Asphalt

04. Old Star

05. Clouds Fly To The East

06. Not Dead

07. Horizon

08. Anthropomachy


Roughly translated, ANTROPHOMACHY means “The end of humanity, due to cosmic war”, and it’s a very fitting title for ENDNAME’S second album as the music held within really does have that apocalyptic, doomsday vibe about it. The sound is best considered as Sludge Metal, but it has a very atmospheric feel to it and also a post-metal vibe too due to the fact of the album being all-instrumental.

The guitars are thicker that three buckets of creek mud in places and while I can’t exactly pin-point the key these guys are playing in it’s definitely down-tuned a lot, so far down that the bass guitar feels almost as though the strings could drop off at any time. There’s certainly a slight experimental nature at play here too which adds some spark to something that may have otherwise been a little too drab. The lack of vocals, I must admit is something that bothers me because it affected my ability to connect with the songs at the next level. Sure the atmospheric feel of the tunes is strong enough to draw you in, and the freaky cover artwork is great to stare at while listening, but for me personally I needed some lyrics to help create a sense of immersion.

UNDER ASPHALT and OLD STAR seem to be the shining moments here, but clearly this was an album that was written and created to be listened to from cover to cover, a refreshing change in an era where most bands are all about the singles. While the lack of a vocal element kept me from really getting sucked into the world ENDNAME have created here, clearly those with less of a need for voice will get more out of it than I did. As it stands though I still applaud the band for creating a very moody vibe that will definitely blow some people away.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 7/10

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