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Grown Below – The Long Now Review


Released By : Solitude Productions

Genre : Post-Rock, Sludge Metal

Link :


Line Up:

Matthijs Vanstaen (vocals, guitar)

Lennart Vanstaen (guitar)

Johan Heyrman (drums)

Jolan Chen (bass)



01. Trojan Horses They Ride

02. Devoid Of Age

03. The Abyss04. Minaco II – Nebula

05. End Of All Time

06. The Long Now

07. Malklara


With their dedicated combination of modern Post Rock and Gloomy Sludge Metal, and also their penchant for long drawn-out songs, GROWN BELOW isn’t a band best recommended to the casual listener. The opening track TROJAN HORSES along runs for a little over thirteen minutes without one single section that crawls above a snail’s pace, and there are three other tracks here that are over the ten minute mark.

After a handful of listens I have to say that there a clear ISIS influence to be found here, whether intentional or not, so if you’re a fan of those guys THE LONG NOW will be a worthy addition to your music library. The band have classed this release as a concept album that takes a fresh approach to the 2012 of the world theory and instead makes that date the end of time itself and goes through an interesting story of how we got there. I won’t go any further into it to avoid spoilers, but if you’re the kind of person that likes to be engulfed in an interesting tale while listening to music then this disc is worth sampling.

The Post-Rock element is the more prevalent piece of the puzzle on THE LONG NOW, but the addition of guttural vocal segments really helps keep the Sludge Metal and Doom Metal vibe close enough to surface to ensure that the album is able to add a few twists and turns occasionally when most required. Put simply though, if you don’t enjoy heavy music that is played at the absolute slowest pace possible, then GROWN BELOW aren’t going to satisfy you, but if however you do like to sit back and let the slowness take you over then you’re ears are in for a little bit of treat with this release.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 7/10

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