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Hard Stuff – Bloex Dementia Review

Released By : Angel Air Records

Genre : Classic Rock

Link :


Line Up:

John Du Cann (Guitar, Vocals)

John Gustafson (Bass)

Paul Hammond (Drums)



1. Roll A Rocket

2. Libel

3. Ragman

4. Spiders Web

5. Get Lost

6. Sick ‘N’ Tired

7. Mermany

8. Jumpin’ Thumpin’ (Ain’t That Somethin’)

9. Dazzle Dizzy

10. Bolex Dementia

11. Inside Your Life (bonus track)

12. (It’s) How You Do It (bonus track)


Born at the beginning of the seventies and made up of the remnants of ATOMIC ROOSTER came one of the most under-rated proto-metal bands of the era, HARD STUFF. This month Angel Air Records will re-issue the band’s two albums, both to feature remastered sound and bonus tracks. Both of these albums have had several re-issues in the past, so fans of the band may be a little tired of re-buying the same thing time and again, but for those fan that have yet to pick up either of these discs, or for fans of the era that haven’t given this band a go yet there’s never been a better time jump on board….

BOLEX DEMENTIA was the band’s second album, originally released in 1973, and like its predecessor has seen its own fair share of different re-issues for different labels throughout the years. Stylistically this isn’t too far removed from the band’s debut BULLETPROOF, but it’s also not quite as good. It’s still a fantastic example of the early-seventies hard rock sound and yet another under-rated release but just not quite as much impact as their debut. There’s also a slight Funk element here that wasn’t present on BULLETPROOF, whether or not that’s a good thing is up to individual listener of course.

The two bonus tracks are from a promotional single that was released before the album, and it seems that it’s the first time either of these tunes have been available. The booklet is enjoyable, with an interesting article about the band and the near-fatal car accident that occurred between albums, a couple of rare photos and also a scan of the band’s original press sheet… All great little things for fans to look over. The band would break-up shortly after the time of this release with John Du Cann and Paul Hammond leaving to re-form their preceding band ATOMIC ROOSTER, whilst bass guitarist extraordinaire John Gustafson headed off to take up his new full-time position as a member of ROXY MUSIC, but left in their wake was two pretty awesome hard rock albums that all fans of seventies rock music should at least check out once.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 8/10

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