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Diamond Eye – Sound of the Guns EP Review

Released by: Independent

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Hard Rock/Metal



Line Up:

Will Kelly – Lead Vocals/Rhythm Guitar

Greg Fawcett – Lead Guitar/Vocals

Chase Cameron – Bass Guitar

Danny Torre – Drums



1.Waiting For Me

2.Closer to the Sun



5.Sound of the Guns


Always exciting to be able to make exceptions for bands that are looking to get record deals and try everything they can to push they’re music out there, regardless if the quality of music varies from each band. Diamond Eye a talent from Australia send us an EP package for their release that actually came out in October, yes I know what you’re thinking; but wait you guys usually don’t review old releases, well in this case this band deserves some more added exposure.

Actually the group itself has already been recognized in their native land with their nomination for best West Australian Music Industry song of the year for “Sound of the Guns” and you add that to a barrage of rave reviews from publications around the country and the world and how could you not give a band like this some love huh? If you enjoy old school Kiss with your traditional heavy metal under tones, then Diamond Eye is for you. Thrown in any good metal arena like band and anthems and you have a highly anticipated band that can deliver a very solid full studio album whenever the band gets signed, because is only a matter of time before this happens.

The 5 piece EP features a bombardment of slab of heavy metal with the first song “Waiting for the Sun” opening up with a crunchy chorus to opens things up the right way. The scorching riff in “Atlantis” reminds me of some older Metallica material riffage which also bring flashes of other bands like Saxon or Running Wild. Stay with me on the classic heavy metal sound because this is what these guys do best. Although the opening riff in “Machine” sounds like a carbon copy of Megadeth and “Peace Sells” the band thankfully drifts apart form this comparison quickly fades and delivers another solid metal piece with an addictive scream out loud chorus. The last tune is the real pinnacle of greatness and I can see the Metallica influences here with “Fade to Black” for instance, well the beginning of the song anyways, hey there’s nothing wrong with comparisons and influences if you set yourself apart and manage to make something that is rocking and actually sounds good. Here the band creates a cool anthem of a tune with it’s leading chorus sounding like a classic Manowar style groove that I can’t deny, a cool metal hymn that deserves to be heard again.

Let’s talk about the guys in the band here for a minute, their lead singer Will Kelly does a commendable job handling the metal pipes, he has a very traditional voice and fits the style of the band pretty well. The guitars are grinding with a cool vibrant chomp that exerts new energy into these tunes, some killer riffs provided courtesy of their axeman Greg Fawcett and Kelly also handling the rhythm guitars. I know this may sound like overhype on my part, but you know what? I don’t care I think this band has potential and I like to see them in a deal soon so we can enjoy a full album, hopefully that will happen real quick. The production is solid on here and the EP was mastered by the legendary Leon Zervos (who has worked with a wide range of artists from Aerosmith to Anastacia, Maroon 5 to Tito Puente, Kiss to Metallica. Expect this band to make some waves soon, in the mean time check out their EP out now!!!


Written by Denys

Ratings    Denys    7/10


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