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Profusion – Rewotower Review

Released by: Prog Rock Records

Release Date: February 7th, 2012

Genre: Progressive Rock



Line Up:

Luca Cambi / Bass

Vladimer Sichinava / Drums

Thomas Laguzzi / Guitars

Gionatan Caradonna / Keyboards/Pianos

Luca Latini / Vocals



01. Ghost House 04:13

02. Taste Of Colours (Part One) 03:48

03. Taste of Colours (Part Two) 03:04

04. Treasure Island 05:04

05. So Close But Alone 04:46

06. Tkeshi 01:59

07. Chuta Chani 06:12

08. The Tower (Part One) 04:38

09. The Tower (Part Two) 05:30

10. Turned To Gold 04:22

11. Dedalus Falling 11:30


Profusion, an Italian band whose name is a combination of the words “progressive” and “fusion”, have done some very interesting things with their second release, “Rewotower”, and have delivered an extremely satisfying, sometimes surprising progressive rock album, with more than its share of twists. But at its heart, it is a celebration of what makes such music so enjoyable, and it certainly has some parts that feel like they came straight from the 70’s. Indeed, this has a very classic sound to It, but with modern production, and sometimes some modern elements can be found within the music as well.

Most of the songs are dominated by the impressive keyboard work of Gionatan Caradonna, which defaults to a very retro sound, and this is what gives the album its throwback vibe. He also plays some very nice piano melodies throughout the album, and is probably the star of the band. The overall sound is fairly soft and mellow, though occasionally the band adds in some heavier sections, where the guitar work is quite impressive. There’s also a few nice instrumental sections, most notably on “The Tower (Part Two)”, before it eventually reprises the chorus of part one.

It’s clear the band is very talented, but don’t expect too much in the way of technical showmanship, as while the solos are very well done, they are all on the more melodic side of the genre, with very little wank involved, as the band is more interested in creating catchy and memorable songs than they are in showing off.

The opening track, “Ghost House”, uses the keys in a very fun and playful way, creating the atmosphere for what is a very energetic and refreshing song to kick off the album in an exciting way. On “Treasure Island” the band starts off with a fairly comical pirate theme, before launching into a chorus that is simply fantastic, and easily the best on the album, again with a very classic feel to it. The rest of the song alternates between being funny and a little bit intense at points. “So Close But Alone” is somewhat weird, in that it starts out as a nice ballad, showcasing Luca Latini’s very sweet and tender voice, but then it transforms into something more upbeat and odd sounding, sort of tribal (there’s a better word for it, I just can’t think of it right now). It’s an excellent song that shows the unpredictability of the band, along with their wild side.

Every song is excellent, but my favorite is “Chuta Chani”, which opens with a nice violin section, before the band unleashes the heaviest riff of the album, then quiets down again for the verses and chorus. The song continuously alternates between the two styles, and shows both the relaxing, often beautiful melodic side of the band, and the more intense metal side, which only comes out on a few of the songs. These two sounds blend together very nicely, making for an unforgettable track that stands as the highlight of the album. It also shows that while Luca is always very good, his voice is much more suited to the softer sections, as sometimes on the heavier parts he gets a little carried way, while at the quieter points he is very pleasant. He also has a very thick accent, though that isn’t a problem for me.

Unfortunately, Profusion seem to be fairly unknown, so hopefully Rewotower can help get them some attention. From beginning to end, they have created an epic, sometimes complex, but overall very nice and refreshing album that is sure to please fans of classic progressive rock, who don’t mind having a few modern touches here and there. One of my favorites of 2012 so far, though the year is still young.


Written by Travis

Ratings    Travis    9/10


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