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2black – No Time To Die Promo Review

Released By : Self-Released

Genre : Thrash Metal

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01. Dead Of The Empire

02. Breathing Fear

03. Faceless Mirror

04. Blood Of The Soulless King

05. Cutback

06. Journey Into This

07. Age Of Decadance


Being that this promo-only disc was originally released back in December of 2010, I guess I’m a little late to the punch with this review. But you know what?… It’s never too late to let you guys know about great up-and-coming band that you should be looking out for, so on that note let me introduce you to Zurich based thrash metal act 2BLACK.

As far as I know this promo disc still hasn’t been officially released and so far has only been made available for review purposes and to gather label interest. Well, the label interest certainly should be on its way I would think. Especially when we have thrash friendly indie labels these days like Pure Steel Records, Heavy Artillery and many more. While it’s evident that the Thrash Metal revival of the last half-decade or so has given us listeners a veritable smorgasbord of stuff to listen to, there’s always room for a band that can output that organic classic Thrash sound without sounding dated, which is exactly the vibe I get from NO TIME TO DIE. I’d say that the bands overall feel is somewhat along the lines of classic German thrash acts like KREATOR or SODOM or even a rawer version of DESTRUCTION.

The songwriting could use a wee little bit of tinkering in places as some of the tracks begin to feel a little repetitive toward the end, but I really like 2BLACK’S vibe and can certainly appreciate the way that they have managed to make the release sound like a classic eighties recording but with much better production values…Not too shabby for a self-released effort for sure.

Truth be told there’s not much 2BLACK need to work on here, a couple of tracks may have benefitted from being twenty seconds or so shorter and the vocals could use some slight changing up occasionally, but overall NO TIME TO DIE is as good a resume as any modern day Thrash Metal band could wish for and it should send them toward that ever-elusive recording contract and hopefully get them closer to releasing something that the general metal public can easily get their hands on.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 7/10

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