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Powerstorm – Act I Review

Released By : Self-Released

Genre : Power Metal/Heavy Metal

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01. Just What I Am

02. The Other Way

03. Mother Is Dying

04. Break The Chain

05. Long Gone

06. The 3rd Alternative

07. Riding To Freedom

08. Land Of Fire

09. On My Side

10. The Wolf


POWERSTORM, in their original full-band format, were formed in Greece back in 1995 and spent the new few years gaining respect as a solid live outfit but never really got the opportunity to release anything. Eventually in 2002 the band folded and it seemed as though the tale of POWERSTORM had officially ended. That is until founding member Kostas Falieros decided to resurrect the moniker recently and this time do all of the work himself. So, while this release still has the original band moniker, with Kostas credited for vocals, guitar, bass, drums and keys make no mistake that ACT I is certainly a one-man project.

Yes, yes, all of this sounds mighty impressive, but it count for nought if the music is crap right?… Well, rest your heads guys because ACT I is actually pretty darn good. Kostas’ style is a sort of hybrid of Power Metal and Traditional Metal with a strong emphasis on sweeping guitar solos and epic multi-layered vocal choruses. Kostas Greek accent also gives some of the slower patches a real Gothic Rock feel too which adds some mystery to the album. Nothing we haven’t heard before, but still a very enjoyable album from cover to cover mad all the more impressive due to its one-man-band stature. During my time with the album I heard small patches of ICED EARTH, 220 VOLT, SAXON, IRON MAIDEN, HAMMERFALL and even a touch of JUDAS PRIEST, so if you are a fan of any of the abovementioned acts you could do worse for yourself than checking out ACT I.

The highlight moment for me on this disc was the DIO-esque metal ballad LONG GONE, but more upbeat and thundering tracks like JUST WHAT I AM, BREAK THE CHAIN and the fantasy lyric-based RIDE INTO FREEDOM also offer up an enjoyable listening experience for anybody with a traditional metal heart. I should also make mention of the war-torn Middle East inspired track LAND OF FIRE… potent lyrics, frenetic riffs, Middle-Eastern sounding intro and a bombastic sounding production really does the whole protest-song thing justice.

POWERSTORM are likely never destined for the highest pinnacles in the Heavy Metal world, but that shouldn’t stop you from checking them out. Kostas Falieros had single-handedly crafted a great sounding metal album that sticks true to it’s inspirations and is enjoyable from start to stop, Falieros should be very proud of himself indeed.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 7/10

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