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Sixty Miles Ahead – Blank Slate Review

Released By : Self-Released

Genre : Modern Rock



Sandro Casali – Vocals

Fulvio Carlini -Guitar

David Bosio – Bass

Luca Caserini – Drums



01. Polite Conversations

02. Dance

03. Chances

04. Under My Skin

05. A Place


One of the most difficult parts about reviewing music is letting down nice people. Sure, the industry is full of big-wigs and arrogant rock-stars, but there are also a few folks that truly are a joy to work with. Alice, from newly formed Italian Promotion agency Red Cat Promotion would have to be one of the nicest and easiest to work with industry heads going around at this point in time, and luckily everything she has sent my way so far has been pretty good. Unfortunately though, as much as I’d like to keep the positive not flowing through, I just can’t find much good so say about BLANK SLATE, the debut E.P from Italian modern rockers SIXTY MILES AHEAD.

The easiest way to describe the sound going on here is like a less-catchy version of NICKELBACK, and the band borrows just as much from nineties grunge music as all of the other modern radio-friendly rock bands of today do. The biggest problem with basing your sound around this formula is there is really nothing exciting about it. The riffs are drab, the lyrics are basic, the vocals are too pitchy and the overall songwriting is very, very predictable. Maybe this streamlined version of rock music will appeal to some, but it’s really not my cup of tea at all. A handful of bands over the last half-decade or so have shown that there is still some interesting ways to approach the modern rock formula, but unfortunately there’s just too many bands doing the standard thing, and there’s not really any way I could foresee SIXTY MILES AHEAD sticking out from the pack. I’d also like to point out that the cove artwork is truly rubbish, but I won’t harp on about that for too long.

The only benefit I see for this band is that they have only been together since May of last year, which means they still have plenty of time to grow and develop a bit more of an original and exciting sound. Very few bands are brave enough to officially release anything within their first year of being together, and it’s only a really tiny amount of those that are actually ready to do so. SIXTY MILES AHEAD fall into the “not ready” category here and my only advice to them would be to spend another twelve or so months writing and playing together before expecting to be good enough to get people’s attention. Already on their promo material I read that they are planning a full-length release later this year…to soon guys, just too soon.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 4/10

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