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Stealing Eden – Truth in Tragedy Review

Released by: Independent

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Modern Rock/Hard Rock



Line Up:

DAVE – Vocals

MAXIMUS – Guitar

SEAN – Bass

MIKE – Drums



1. All I Need

2. Too Late

3. No One Else

4. Just a Memory

5. Thrown Away

6. Calling Out

7. Better Off

8. Never Give Up

9. Seed

10. Where We Belong

11. Right in Front of You


Every new generation grows up with a certain rocksound and especially in the USA and Canada a sort of Rockstyle is developed every once in a while, mostly thanks to just one single band. It lasts a few years until a new sound emerges somewhere. If you go back in time, you will see that this happened a lot of times since the introduction of Rock and Roll in the 1950s.

In contrary to mainland Europe where different genres can be popular at the same time during several decades, the North American continent has a very strict ‘policy’ that is clearly focused on the sound of the most popular band at a certain time and then all labels and producers are working on getting as many similar sounding records out as possible, just to give the people something similar in style. The Americans are very good in this and whatever band is the most popular one at a certain time, they are almost always able to release similar records that usually are also quality albums. Europe is sadly only open for a few of the absolute major acts and therefore so many bands never made it to the old continent.

This is starting to sound like an essay, but ever since the Grunge/Alternative Rockscene tore the Classic American Hardrocksound upside down 20 years ago, a new style has developed within the Rockworld. The past 10 years the sound has gone more melodic, catchy and accessible than the whole 1990s decade. Although a few bands have found fame and fortune here in Europe, such as NICKELBACK, THREE DOORS DOWN, LIVE, DAUGHTRY and ALTER BRIDGE, the majority of the bands active in the current modern North American way of Rock do not break out of their continent. This is a major pity, because at the moment the melodies in a lot of new rocksongs by Northern American bands never sounded so melodic. Actually, the new Modern Rocksound of the USA and Canada should be called Modern AOR, because the vocal lines, hooks and catchy choruses are reminiscent of the early – mid 1980s when a similar development happened across the Atlantic Ocean.

Back then only HEART, FOREIGNER and TOTO really broke through in Europe, but bands like SURVIVOR, LOVERBOY, JOURNEY and several others never found the same glory as in their homeland(s). The only difference is of course that the current Rocksound is heavier, with slightly distorted guitars and an aggressive approach instrumental speaking. Anyway, the past few years brought us not only superb albums by the already mentioned bands NICKELBACK, THREE DOORS DOWN, LIVE, DAUGHTRY and ALTER BRIDGE, but also from lesser known acts like RED, MY DARKEST DAYS, THREE DAYS GRACE, CREED, STONE SOUR, SIXX AM, CROSSFADE, NINE LEFT DEAD, 7EVENTH TIME DOWN, ABUSED ROMANCE, ADELITAS WAY, CHEVELLE, COLD, SALIVA, STAIND and many more but none of them scored big time in Europe and so their market was primarily USA and Canada, which is a pity, because without a doubt these band’s releases were all high quality albums. Back to reality, we have another act that fits between all these mentioned bands and they are called STEALING EDEN. They are coming out of Canada’s number 1 city for music, Vancouver, and are making their debut with this fantastic album titled ‘Truth in tragedy’.

Although at first sight, it sounds very cliché-tingled and is a typical product of the Northern American Modern Rocksound, it is by far one of the finest releases in the genre the past few years, easily beating the latest records by the established acts. Together with the new albums of RED, DAUGHTRY, BLACK STONE CHERRY and THREE DOORS DOWN, this is the 5th best Modern American (Melodic) Rock record of the year 2011. Songs like “All I Need”, “Too Late”, “Just a Memory”, “Never Give up” and “Where We Belong” and the almost AORish closing track “Right in Front of You” deliver the goods perfectly and resemble a sound that European bands will never be able to accomplish. It might sound a little polished for some, but without a doubt, this is high quality Rock with a capital “R” and should be heard by everyone. Check out this sensational new Canadian band


Written by Gabor

Ratings    Gabor    9/10

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