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Tyrant Eyes – The Sound Of Persistence Review

Released By : Self-Released

Genre : Heavy Metal

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Claudius – Vocals

Max – Bass

Marcus – Guitars

Jurgen – Keys

Sascha – Drums



01. Another Ray Of Light

02. Beginning Of The End

03. No Way No Limit

04. Gravitation

05. Infraction

06. Ingratitude

07. Physically Alive

08. Born Criminal

09. Green Tiny Monsters

10. Friendship


Due to being a little late to punch with this new album from TYRANT EYES, I have had the chance to browse around online and read a decent handful other reviews. I have seen this album rated anywhere between 2 and 9 out of ten and have seen it called irrelevant, amateur and boring, but also refreshing, exciting and world-class.
For me personally the truth lies somewhere in-between, and while I did enjoy what I heard I couldn’t in all consciousness declare THE SOUND OF PERSISTENCE to be essential listening.

The best part of this album is the interesting mix of styles the band has used to get their sound, which is actually pretty unique. TYRANT EYES have found a middle ground between modern American Power Metal and the more traditional eighties metal sound, which actually gives them a bit of an early nineties power metal sound reminiscent of early ICED EARTH and GRAVE DIGGER. There is a draw-back though, and that is that the band attempt to include some simplistic newer sounding riffs which to on occasion get quite boring. Case in point here would be the chorus in NO WAY NO LIMIT and the entirety of ANOTHER RAY OF LIGHT.
Vocalist Cladius Bormuth has a pretty good classic metal voice, and his occasional higher pitched wails work pretty well too, but I really didn’t like his more aggressive approach on INFRACTION.

I think TYRANT EYES are at their best when they give off the mid-nineties metal vibe, which will please fans of GRAVE DIGGER, ACCEPT, ICED EARTH and SAXON. Unfortunately though there are a few occasions throughout this disc where the band try to do something a little different, which really does affect the overall cohesion. If they could stay consistent, and drop the odd growled vocals I think they could possibly release something pretty good. Hopefully they can once again gather the backing of a label though as this sort of music demands a better production and artwork than is on offer here.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 7/10

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