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UFO – Seven Deadly Review

Released By : Steamhammer/SPV

Genre : Hard Rock

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Phil Mogg – Vocals

Vinnie Moore – Guitars

Paul Raymond – Guitars/Keyboards

Andy Parker – Drums

Lars Lehmann – Bass



01. Fight Night

02. Wonderland

03. Mojotown

04. Angel Station

05. Year Of The Gun

06. The Last Stone Rider

07. Steal Yourself

08. Burn Your House Down

09. The Fear

10. Waving Good Bye


Hard rock stalwarts UFO split fans and critics alike down the middle with their previous release, 2009’s THE VISITOR. While the album still retained some of what the band popular in the first place, it was a definitively different overall style owing more to the standard blues rock formula than ever before. That particular bluesy feel has always been a part of the band’s sound, but THE VISITOR was the first time this element of their style was at the forefront.

Since it’s release fans have been screaming for UFO to go back a bit closer to their trademark hard rock sound. Now, in the early part of 2012 with their new album SEVEN DEADLY, will the band climb back to the top of the mountain or are they happy to tread safer water?   In truth it’s a little bit of both really. The more standard blues rock feel from the previous album still rears it’s head in certain spots of SEVEN SINS, maybe none more so than the BAD CO. inspired STEAL YOURSELF and also THE FEAR. Other tracks like FIGHT NIGHT and WONDERLAND are a great way for the band to show that they can still put their feet down and rock it out hard with the best of them. Interestingly though, elements of the album take a different turn which is a little harder to explain. In places it almost feels like Bruce Springsteen has joined the band, especially in ANGEL STATION. It wouldn’t be hard to believe if somebody said this track was a co-write with Springsteen himself, and even Phil Mogg’s husked out and mellowed voice displays traces of The Boss too.

Speaking of ANGEL STATION, when the Vinnie Moore guitar solo arrives in this track it’s clear as to who is the true star of this record. Sure Phil Mogg still carries the band the way he has always done, but really Vinnie Moore’s excellent guitar work is what takes these songs from standard rock tunes to exciting jam tracks. Some fans will swear that Michael Schenker was the quintessential guitarists for UFO, but even the biggest skeptic would surely have to eat humble pie after listening to this record. The omission of long time standing bass player Pete Way doesn’t seemed to have affected the overall groove of the band either, with temporary replacement Lars Lehmann doing a great job filling the gaps. It still doesn’t feel quite right though talking about UFO sans Pete Way, so let’s hope he can overcome his health issues and reclaim his rightful place in this band as soon as possible.

As UFO embrace the inevitable latter stages of their career it would be easy for them to just to the retro circuit to see them out. Full credit must be given to the band for being so willing to create new music together… The fact that SEVEN DEADLY is a truly fantastic album is just a bonus, and all UFO fans of all different eras of the band should find plenty here to be happy about. One of 2012’s essential rock albums for sure.


Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 9/10

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