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Unity – Reborn Review

Released By : Killer Metal Records

Genre : Heavy Metal

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Yasko Katjazovic – Vocals, Guitar

Tim Cummings – Drums

Alonso Donoso – Vocals

Adam Amdor – Bass



01. Prelude To Rebirth

02. The Curse Of The Nile

03. The Mirror Never Lies

04. Condemned

05. A New Horizon

06. Welcome To The Masquerade

07. Man Of The Sea

08. Yesterday Is Gone

09. Afterlife

10. Arise


Upon reading the promo material that accompanied this debut album from Iowa based Melodic Metal act UNITY, I took note of the fact that the lead singer Alonso Donoso, and drummer Tim Cummings were both previously in a band called DARK MIRROR.  I recognized that name but couldn’t remember what they sounded like, so I went back into my archives and discovered that in 2009 I had reviewed their PORTRAIT OF EVIL release and wasn’t very favourable about it at all.

To my relief, it would seem that creating a new band all together was the best thing that could have happened for Donoso. In my review of his previous band I had stated that the vocals were absolutely horrible, and while I still feel Donoso has much to learn there has definitely been an improvement in his singing capabilities. Whether it’s enough to be able to get excited about this release is probably debatable, but it’s certainly a step in the right direction. Sound-wise, UNITY has a very melodic backbone, and draw from elements of Melodic Metal and a more straightforward Traditional Heavy Metal sound.

UNITY sound at their best when they are going hard at it, with songs like the thrashy THE CURSE OF THE NILE, the melodic MAN OF THE SEA and AFTERLIFE being the best of the bunch. Unfortunately when the band slows things down like on the ballad track A NEW HORIZON and the mid-paced CONDEMNED it all sort of falls apart a bit. It’s in these slower numbers that the not quite there yet vocals of Alonso Donoso let the material down, thus making them the weakest tracks on the album, when really the color usually gained from a couple of slower numbers is something that should add to an album rather than take from it.
Traditional Metal fans may well find something to like on REBORN, but I really do think that if the band are to have any chance of gaining a foothold in the retro metal scene, then Alonso Donoso must be open to seeing a good vocal teacher.


Written By ZeeZe

Rating : 6/10

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