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Voz – Shadows of Death Review

Released by: Voz

Release Date: March 16th, 2012

Genre: Heavy Metal



Line Up:

Shane French / Guitar

Morrie Vozdecky / Vocals – Guitar

John Teer / Drum’s

Scott Baskin / Bass Guitar



01.Shadows of Death

02.Coldness of Night

03.Buried from the Light

04.The Happening


06.Witch Hunter


08.Darkness Reigns

09.Heaven Cries

10.Fires in Hell


If you like your metal, screaming, piercing and loud………then this Floridian Trash/Heavy Metal outfit named Voz is just what you have been craving. Let me give you a little background here on these guys as you probably may not have heard much about them yet. The mastermind behind the music is Shane West formerly of Jon Oliva’s Pain, Circle II Circle, Millenium and Teer. Here he brings forward tons of experience from touring overseas but also into the fold in his new band which adds new talent in their guitar player and vocalist Morrie Vozdecky and drummer virtuoso John Teer. Their debut album titled“Shadows of Death” features some guest great lead guitars of former King Diamond axe slinger Pete Blakk, along with a guest appearance by Cage guitarist Dave Garcia. I mentioned earlier the power of this band lies in it’s superb rhythm section and brutal guitar assault, is not everyday you hear this kind of kick ass metal ala Iced Earth, Jag Panzer, Cage and other american style pure ripping metal bands from this timeline.

There’s little to be hidden in Vox’s evident sound and influences and I doubt the guys in the band care one bit, simply put if you listen to bands like Judas Priest and albums like “Painkiller” then you probably will dig this straight up metal bombardment. Yeah I know you may ask what sets these guys from other countless metal releases that have or will come out this year? Well you have to take into consideration the combination of production, sheer brutality in the music and monster vocals that break crack some serious skulls. Okay let’s just wait and see what else comes out this year and no I’m not jumping the gun and being wagon jumper here, I think Voz has some serious potential just waiting to burst out into the scene if people give them a chance.

The arsenal of riffs start off with a bang on featuring the sick rhythm in “The Happening” which pounds some serious armory of punches to your brain, the devilish vocals of singer Morrie Vozdecky are sick and twisted bringing flashes of the great Ripper Owens himself, ohh the guitars here just simply SHRED. One of my favorite cuts has to be the neck breaking groove of “Underworld” which features some killer shredding from French and co. Another crushing number comes via “Buried from the Light” which has an intriguingly dark atmosphere underneath all the rampage guitars.

Melody and heaviness is the key here on their debut “Shadows of Death” and while a bit formulaic, the twisted guitar playing of both French and Morrie V are what injects fuel to the fire. The vibe runs a little dry towards the end of the album, but despite the last average two tunes on the record overall ends up being very LOUD, and reinvigorating for a metal release. It’s unrelenting sound gives the band a power punch and lands them on the relevant list of up and coming metal bands. Let’s hope the rest of the metal world feels the same way as I do. All hail Voz Metal!!!


Written by Denys

Ratings    Denys    8/10



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