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Foxy Shazam – The Church Of Rock And Roll Review

Released By : Capitol Records

Genre : Classic Rock, Hard Rock, Alternative

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Eric Nally – Vocals

Daisy – Bass

Aaron McVeigh – Drums

Alex Nauth – Horns

Loren Turner – Guitars

Sky White – Piano



01. Welcome To The Church Of Rock And Roll

02. I Like It

03. Holy Touch

04. Last Chance At Love

05. Forever Together

06. (It’s) Too Late Baby

07. I Wanna Be Yours

08. Wasted Feelings

09. The Temple

10. The Streets

11. Freedom


It’s always difficult to know how to start a review that is going to heaped with immense praise, so let’s just skip this little intro shindig and have a look at the new FOXY SHAZAM record THE CHURCH OF ROCK N ROLL…

Since the Alt. Rock debut from the band their sound has been continually evolving and now it really does feel like they have hit their stride. The previous album, FOXY SHAZAM showed a few signs of brilliance for sure, but nothing to hint that the band could have a record of this magnitude up its sleeve. Modern day Alt. Rock still makes up the backbone of the band’s sound, but now it’s been pushed a little further into the background to make way for this awesome mix of Pompy Glam Rock mixed with Classic Rock, and all layered with the slight bit of oddness and fun that you would expect from a band called FOXY SHAZAM.

Seriously folks, if this is the future of rock ‘n’ roll, then finally we can all get excited again, because this sort of stuff I would listen to everyday without a problem. Within the first two songs of this album I could hear elements of bands like QUEEN, LED ZEPPELIN, BAD COMPANY and some more modern influences like MIKA, THE DARKNESS and THE KILLERS. Yes, the album has an overall very poppy and commercial sound, but when the music is this good who gives a crap!

Opening track WELCOME TO THE CHURCH OF ROCK N ROLL is absolutely inspired by LED ZEPPELIN, with some choir-type QUEEN backing vocals, then you get this odd horn section that reminds me Australian alt-funk group THE CAT EMPIRE. As Eric Nally sings the chorus, I am all of a sudden believer…  FOXY SHAZAM may well be the saviors of rock n roll music!!! I LIKE IT is a great funk-rock track the attributes big black booties, can’t argue with that. HOLY TOUCH is a very seventies pompy AOR sounding track, and sounds like a more successful attempt at what THE DARKNESS were trying to do a handful of years ago. LAST CHANCE AT LOVE could have easily be a QUEEN track and it’s here we find Nally giving us his best Freddie Mercury impersonation, and it’s very good. FOREVER TOGETHER is a mellow resting point for the album, and has this really, really smooth groove and the little repeating vocal sections toward the end of each verse is pure musical genius. IT’S TOO LATE BABY has a very Gospel feel to it, but with a modern flair and some freaky-fun guitar work. I WANNA BE YOURS is a more modern minimalist sort of track that reminds me of THE WHITE STRIPES, it’s probably the weakest track on the album but it’s still pretty great. WASTED FEELINGS takes the approach used by MIKA a few years back and upgrades it by a mile, even adding a near-AOR sounding chorus. THE TEMPLE is another of the more modern tracks on the record, but still includes a classic-rock sounding rhythm section, akin to the sound WOLFMOTHER are better known for, but once again doing it better than them. THE STREETS is a funk/soul track with a really enjoyable lyric and a bad habit of getting stuck in the front of your brain for hours after listening to it, it also heads down a QUEEN influenced path in parts, and also adds some bluesy guitar work. FREEDOM has a monstrous chorus that reminds me of a cross between QUEEN and THE BLACK CROWES, with some great guitar work that is a cross between ROLLING STONES and ROD STEWART, and really is a fantastic closing song.

As you may be able to tell, I really, really enjoyed this album, and I am happy to recommend it to anybody that calls themselves a fan of any style of rock music at all. It’s current without ever sounding too modern, it’s retro without ever sounding dated and most importantly it’s bloody good fun!


Written By ZeeZee

Rating    10/10

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